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Has anyone got any advice on low cost creatures to use in a standard spider deck.

I have Deadly Recluse for 2 mana as the cheapest spider.

I am trying to find some 1 or 2 cost creatures. Are there any decent insects that fall within this range?

Thank You.
Spider and Insect are seperate creature types. (As is Scorpion.)

I cannot recall any spiders (save Changlings) that only cost a single mana. Insects, I'm not sure of. And most of the better spiders are not in Standard.

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Actually, I'd say Silklash Spider, Spider Spawning, and Sentinel Spider are the good spiders. Oh, they're still mediocre, but that's "good" in spider.
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The only problem is there is only Deadly Recluse that has a low mana cost.

I may have to add in some elves to help give a mana ramp. I was thinking of Arbor Elf.
For Standard, the options of Spiders and Insects are both very limited. The only Spiders in Standard are:
Deadly Recluse
Kessig Recluse
Sentinel Spider
Silklash Spider
Somberwald Spider
Spider Spawning (creates tokens)

And the only Insects in Standard are:
Bond Beetle
Brain Weevil
Deadbridge Goliath
Drudge Beetle
Golgari Keyrune (only when animated)
Golgari Longlegs
Insectile Aberration (Delver of Secrets)
Perilous Shadow
Zanikev Locust

And none of those involve tribal interactions.
What do you think about Hidden Spider or Spider Climb?
Those are very much not Standard-legal.
What do you think about Hidden Spider or Spider Climb?

Hidden Spider is awesome if you actually know your opponent's playing flying. It falls into the problem of Plummet. (Plummet manages to be the only jank card that can't be made decent with a cantrip by virtue of being uncastable if your opponent doesn't have a flier out.)

Spider Climb is an aura that doesn't grant card advantage before EOT. Better than Web, but that's really like saying you scored higher on the test than the paste-eating kid.

Anyway, a quick rundown of spiders:

Archweaver: A seven-drop should do that "win the game" thing all the kids are talking about these days.
Deadly Recluse: Good.
Sentinel Spider: The good: They figured out vigilance is the only way to make reach relevant. The bad: It's still strictly worse than Serra Angel. The ugly: "Serra Angel" and "good" is generally met by laughter all around in a post-Baneslayer world.
Silklash Spider: A good sideboard card. Can be maindecked in a Doran, the Siege Tower EDH deck too.
Gloomwidow: This is actually good.
Kessig Recluse: If this were a 1/4, I'd play it. Sadly, it's a 2/3.
Spider Spawning: It's good. Kessig Cagebreakers is better.
Somberwald Spider: Strictly worse than Giant Spider (which says a lot when you consider Gloomwidow) or slightly below the curve. Does have synergy with Doubling Season, but just enough to make it good in a cube.

Moving into Modern:

Arachnus Spinner: The best Yugioh card I've ever opened in a Magic pack. As an aside, I never played Arachnus Web either because Dismember exists.
Giant Spider: Would rather play Hill Giant. Since Centaur Courser and even, hell, Gloomwidow, are things, no.
Stingerfling Spider: See? This is what Plummet could've been. Too bad it's way below the curve if your opponent's not playing flying.
Blightwidow: Cystbearer is better, outside of a Doran, the Siege Tower EDH deck, where Priests of Norn is better. Seriously.
Acid Web Spider: Not one but two completely situational abilities.
Spider Umbra: "Totem". You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. That aside, this is not the worst totem armor (That's Mammoth Umbra.), but it's pretty close.
Sporecap Spider: See? If this guy had deathtouch, I'd play him.
Grappler Spider: Reach is not worth the -0/-1 from an old-fashioned bear.
Oran-Rief Recluse: Okay, this is actually semi-playable, though I question the wisdom of a three-mana vanilla 1/3 or a six-mana Plummet. Look at Gatekeeper of Malakir, by comparison.
Pale Recluse: I cycling cards are 99% of the time used for cycling.
Ember Weaver: This is actually playable, if you're playing red. But that can be said about a lot of things.
Jungle Weaver: See Pale Recluse.
Juvenile Gloomwidow: Might be playable. Again, Doran likes this guy.
Gloomwidow's Feast: Silly Wizards. You can't create a good Plummet variant.
Canopy Spider: This guy's actually better than his bigger kin, but not by much.
Needlepeak Spider: This is funny. Green flying in Planar Chaos makes reach obsolete, and they put it in the color that likes to block the least.
Penumbra Spider: Actually, this is good, and has found many a home with Doran, Ghave, and many other EDH decks. Is also used in Modern Wrath decks.
Frost Web Spider: This one's actually playable as a sideboard option if you have a lot of Doubling Season effects.
Steam Spider: Thank you, but I prefer firebreathing on evasive red guys.
Aquastrand Spider: Graft is linear, but oddly Johnny loves it because it doesn't "feel" linear. That said, Helium Squirter.
Goliath Spider: Closer to winning the game than his descendant in RTR, but still below the curve for reach.
Arachnoid: LOL I don't a X/6 for in Doran.
Tangle Spider: A 3/4 for just because it has flash? LOL
Spitting Spider: It was in Prophecy. That's all you need to know.

And into true eternal formats:

Ancient Spider: Maybe playable, probably not. I really don't like the idea of a 2/5 with first strike.
Pincer Spider: No, just no.
Rib Cage Spider: Somewhere between the jank that is Giant Spider and the mediocrity that is Canopy Spider lies this guy.
Plated Spider: Seriously. Just no.
Root Spider: Hilariously, this is better than most spiders on here.
Giant Trap Door Spider: lol totally ruin the whole schtick.
Woolly Spider: Cool, now have an ability that matters.
139359831 wrote:
Clever deduction Watson! Maybe you can explain why Supergirl is trying to kill me.
---- Autocard is your friend. Lightning Bolt = Lightning Bolt
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