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Hello there,

I recently got into DnD and I have a few questions when it comes to magical weapons. Most of them say things like if they critical they do 1d6 damage for example, but what is the normal damage roll? For example, Talmaril the Heartseeker is the high level magic bow from Cattie-Brie (Legend Of Drizzt) and it says it does 1d6 plus 5, which means 5 1d6 rolls if I crit, but what is the actual damage roll? Is it a standard longbow damage? (1d10)?

And on another note, does damage scale on weapons as you level up?

It'd help if you specified which D&D you're playing.  There are quite a few, and they all have different rules.
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Sorry, I meant to and forgot. I'm playing 4.0
Bump cause I really want to know D:
Howdy folks,

I have moved this thread to D&D 4E Rules Q&A where it is more on-topic. 


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I am having a hard time reading your question so Ill just say everything:

On a crit you do max damage from the power and all other damage bonuses on the attack, then you roll your crit dice. The crit dice are usually 1d6 per plus, so you do max damage then add 1d6 per plus.
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I know the crit damage, but what would I roll for regular damage? For ones that aren't crit? Just a standard longbow? (1d10) or because its a level 25 item do I roll higher then a 1d10 for a normal attack?
The longbow's [W] is a d10 in all cases.
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weapon damage - generally does not scale with level a longbow does 1d10 and 1d10 at level 20 - - - your add from dex modififer will increase, your add from enchantment will increase (from zero to maybe six), you can gain items that add to ranged attacks (2 - 6 maybe), and you can take feats to do extra damage (1 - 3 maybe).

Having said that - most at wills do 2[W] from level 21 and some other powers  also have some scaling with level - - - if none written in they do they damage they state at all levels.

And yes your disjunction is correct - as you fight higher level monster each indiviaul hit will do less percentage damage of hit points of that monster 
Alright perfect, thanks very much :D
Was a little confused by the magic weapons, they kind of threw me off. Thanks a lot everyone :D 
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