Player Survey! (I compiled one, and it's for you to use!)

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Hey there everyone,
A while ago on the forums, I discovered a thread somewhere that talked about giving your players a survey before the campaign began so you could get their feedback and write an epic campaign tailored to their tastes. I know there were 2 forum users who created surveys that I took from and added to mine, but I can't find the original thread. I'M NOT CLAIMING THAT I WROTE THIS SURVEY, I SIMPLY FOUND A FEW DIFFERENT ONES AND MADE THEM INTO ONE. If you did write any aspect of this survey, let me know and I'll edit this post (and the survey if you request it) to give you credit.

The survey is compiled into a .pdf format, for those who are already happy with the way it is and just want it, but I also have it uploaded to google docs as .odt (for OpenOffice) so you can edit it.

The content of the survey from the Dungeon Master's Guide 2, and the 2 forum users I mentioned above. Thank you!

 Seriously though, use the survey with your players. If you use the information they give you, they will love you even more as a DM. Smile