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The Dungeon Master Experience 
Spin the Cliché

By Chris Perkins

For my Monday night group, I wanted to turn a plot about an “evil wizard’s experiment” into something that felt original. Put a spin on a time-worn D&D cliché, if you will.

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Spin the Cliché
Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard 
Whiners & Losers
By Shelly Mazzanoble

Strange things are afoot around here. I declined an invitation to join my friend's kickball league because I didn't think they took the sport serious enough. I tried to convince our real estate agent to bid on a totally inappropriate, small house in serious need of an HGTV make-over in our sixth-choice neighborhood because the open house drew such a frenzy of serious buyers I felt compelled to beat down all of their offers. I blame Dungeons & Dragons.

Talk about this column in the Discussion Thread.

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