Updated My Customizable Character Sheet – Now With Guidelines

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Whatever happened to the fan-made character sheets sticky?

Anyway, I've updated my sheet which used to be available from that thread and uploaded a revision as well as a version with guidelines (explained below).

Here is the original write-up, which still very much applies:

Designed with three major goals in mind:

  • Earth- and wallet-friendliness. In other words: cheap to print.

  • Only force the positioning of things that will be the present on every character or are tedious to hand-write every time: stat blocks; name, race, age, etc.; skills; and so forth.

  • User-customizable depending player taste and character class, if applicable. This includes having the lowest item on the front of the page be the column headings of the weapons table. That way it as long as needed, no more or less, yet still details out the math for new players and for ease of making changes as needed (leveling, magic items, etc.).

It may not be obvious, but I intended for the right margin to be used to track gained experience to keep the current experience spot from being erased into a hole. Naturally, you are free to do as you please since that is the whole point of the sheet.


So what changed? I resized a few things that were too small and made space for them by shrinking a few others that didn't need as much as they had. Instead of "Weapon" being the first entry on the table it now says "Weapon / Implement / Basic Attack" to be more inclusive.

I swapped the postions of surge value and number of surges so that surge value is now under bloodied value which is under HP, and thus is a more logical progression. My copyright line is now less intrusive. "Underline Trained Skills" got shifted to the left a bit. I use the recovered space to note how many skills I get ("Arcana + 3", for instance) for the sake of Lair Assault and Encounters where what skills I have trained may change from week to week.


My wonderful gamer wife pointed out that she can't write in straight lines as well as I can – I only can thanks to natural talent and minoring in drafting in college, the same thing that allows me to write as small as I do – so for her sake and others I added very faint lines to the large whitespaces on all of my sheets and uploaded a second copy of each.

The lines are .05" thick and 20% gray so they will nearly vanish if you hold the sheet at arm's length. My fellow draftsmen might call them "construction lines". That way they are there if you need them to keep you writing straight, but are unobtrusive enough that they won't interfere with any drawings or other things you put on the sheet.

The lines are spaced .10" apart, smaller than even I write. (For reference sake, the boxes on my sheets are generally .25" high.) However, placing them that closely makes them highly versatile. I expect that most people will use two lines per line of text, but younger players might use three. If I made the lines .2" apart then people who write larger than that will be inclined to write even bigger than they normally do to fill the space (assuming I'm not the only person with that inclination).

Further, that spacing allows you to do things like having headers be slightly taller than normal text or to put varying, measurable, amounts of space between sections.


We've used my sheet exclusively since I first designed it nearly a year ago so I'm really not seeking any advice. I simply wanted to share it since, surprisingly, nine people have already downloaded it so I thought there might he other people who want it – especially revised and lined.

If it appeals to you then please let me know – I'd love to put some faces (sort of) to the download numbers. If it doesn't, I frankly don't care since, with a great deal of input from my wife, I designed all of my sheets specifically for our use so I fully expect that most people won't like them, but make them available for the very, very few that do.

In either case, if you can think of something that will make it better at doing what I designed it to, by all means chime in. As I said, I've spent nearly a year tweaking and now have finally pronounced it complete, but I'm always open to new ideas.


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