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I am looking to play online with some people who wouldn't mind helping me learn the ropes. I don't currently have much software, but I am willing to obtain whatever I will need. Thank you
Hello left17 and welcome to the D&D Community!

I regularly run one shot pick-up games on the GTO Virtual Table. Its a free VT with built-in voice chat. 

You can find the forums for regular D&D games or Living Forgotten Realms here on the 
Online Roleplaying Game Group.

And the Virtual Table can be accessed from the Campaign Manager.

Hop on there from time to time and check out games that may suit you and  see if you like it

Best of luck !
Yo' left17!

I'm a member of a couple Wizards Of The Coast's (WotC's) public Play By Post (pbp) Forums/Groups like.

the PbP Haven Group(click here to see) where DnD is the name of the game.

Then there's the,

Real Adventurers Group(click here to see)

where we post →recruitment here(click here to see) and

annouce vacancies in games here.

Here at the Real Adventures Forum; Star Wars and Pathfinders are also normally played with DnD as well as other popular Role-Playing (rp) games.

The pace of pbp gaming's format is perfect for accommodating our's and your's Real Life (rl) schedules.

I'm also a moderator for →The Players' Vault(click here to see)
in which the DnD played here isn't at all that different from the other PbP group DnD games nor any different from your local tables' DnD game yet at the Vault, your PC builds even after completing a campaign can roam as citizens of an Eberron that is a little ahead of the era we would normally find on your local tables and the PCs can wandered into other games if they maintained appropiate interactions and show considerations to the other players. (In otherwords don't walk-on another game solving other players or teams challenges and definitely don't attack their monsters!)

This is only a couple of reference to the DnD's PbP actions here at the WotC's.
Just Join And Have Lots of Fun (Wink) With A Lots Of Laughs (lol) and Lots Of Luck! (Innocent).
Signed VoyRager!

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I am looking to play online with some people who wouldn't mind helping me learn the ropes. I don't currently have much software, but I am willing to obtain whatever I will need. Thank you

a skype Dnd group we play 3.5 saga and d20 modern(mostly apoc) and are open to trying new systems

we have a dice roller in the public chat so no cheating is possible

we have a free table virtual top if any one wants to use that (BG only for now unless more people want it)

we have virtual sheets on a internet server threw so if you need help you can share with group or just give it to the dm- gm

still not sure? have a voice chat with me and the others and see if its right for you

my username on skype Excile747

hope to see you there!

Hi Excile,

I am interested in learning a little more about your group but I am completely new to the game,

What days/times do you guys play?
How many players?
What materials should I read before attempting to play?
What materials should I have before joining?

If there is anything else you think I should know I look forward to learning more!

- Dex
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