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Hello guys, I just want to know your advice on some answers I'm asking myself about the assassin and the way he uses his shrouds.

(Targeted for death, lvl 1 daily : Effect: Until the end of the encounter, whenever you use assassin’s shroud against the target, you subject it to two shrouds instead of one.)

Most of you probably already this power, (I hope you do). In fact, I don't have anything against that power, I only have some questions about the uses of this power with other ways to set more shrouds on the enemy. 

What about Killers insight : Benefit: Once per encounter when you use assassin’s shroud, you can subject the target to two shrouds instead of one. 

If I use targeted for death, use a assassin shroud... get 2, and I use killer's insight, will I get 3, 4, or can't stack these effects ? 

About the other ways to set shrouds on the ennemies ?

Death shroud ki focus for example :

Trigger: You hit a target.

Effect: You use assassin's shroud on the target. This use does not count against the limit of using assassin's shroud once per turn.

Probably targeted for death would grant me 4 shrouds in one round with the death shroud ki focus ?

I'm asking because some of my players read the rules in different ways about this. 
I would rule that Killer's Instinct and Targeted for Death would not, by RAW, stack, since they both explicitly state "two instead of one," instead saying, "one additional shroud."

Since the death shroud ki focus explicitly says "use assassins shroud on the target," it has no problem working with TFD/KI, for a maximum of 4 shrouds/round.
I guess things are the same with blackfire form which says the same thing like the death shroud ki focus. 
RAW, since Killer's Insight and Targeted for Death both say "place two Shrouds.." instead "place an additional Shroud", then they do not combo for three Shrouds.

However, Assassins need all the help they can get, I would houserule that it works. Ask your DM, he might agree with me.
Didn't known that people thought that the assassin class was weak. I guess too that the deathshroud ki focus power works with blackfire form and the extra shroud that say ''doesn't count as your normal limit''.

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