10/25/2012 TD: Modern Magnificence

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Top Decks, which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Are you serious, Mr. Flores? Your go-to reference for hobbits is the movies?

Must we think so little of Magic's target age-demographic that we imagine they aren't even aware that Tolkien exists? 
Actually I don't belive the phrase "second breakfast" appears in Lord of the Rings text, and The Hobbit uses it as more of a description than a title.  ("In fact he was just sitting down to a nice little second breakfast in the dining-room by the open window, when in walked Gandalf.")  Plus I suspect whoever named the deck was thinking of the movie, so Mike's sentence is correct.

If you're on MTGO check out the Free Events via PDCMagic and Gatherling.

Other games you should try:
DC Universe Online - action-based MMO.  Free to play.  Surprisingly well-designed combat and classes.

Planetside 2 - Free to play MMO-meets-FPS and the first shooter I've liked in ages.
Simunomics - Free-to-play economy simulation game.

The phrase was definitely played up further in the movie, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Plus, now we can make interminable "I don't think he knows about second breakfast" quips after extracting that lone Pyrite Spellbomb.  So it's funny for everyone ;) .
The Eggs deck is so awsome! Looks tricky to handle at first but seems lots of fun. And the GU Infect (except the lands) is quite budget friendly for a PT Top 8!
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