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I made a red burn deck and i would like some feedback on it.  if you have any suggestions please let me know.
mountain 20
lightning bolt 4
blaze 4
thunderbolt 4
cinder pyromancer 4
lava spike 4
goblin fireslinger 4
skirk fire marshal 4
Goblin Warchief 4
Brimstone Volley 4
Lightning Crafter 4
Looks pretty solid and fun to play.  Only thing I would change is getting rid of those thunderbolts in exchange for an opponent only spell to clear the board incase you get behind.  4x Chandra's fury or even better 4x Bonefire of the Damned. 
With only sixteen goblins, four of which may want to champion one of those, I don't think that the Skirk Fire Marshals are going to go off very soon - and if they will, you will not have been doing much burning in the game. It's more of a finishing card in a goblin-heavy deck rather than a dedicated burn unit. I'd remove them, and then proceed to remove two lightning crafters as well (too few championable creatures left, don't want too many of them either). In return you can opt for the usual burn spells like Fireblast (really good, what use is 2/4 lands if the 4/8 damage ends the game?), Keldon Marauders (2 guaranteed damage and a fat body that will usually take something down with it), or Chain Lightning/Rift Bolt to act as additional bolts. If you like all of them, remove the Blazes as well to make room - it's a slow card, and these suggestions will make your deck hit lethal much faster.
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The deck DOES look like fun to play, but I think it could be better, and by better, I really mean just faster and more efficient. I agree with Terti on the Fireblast idea. It has capped many a game for me over the years that otherwise would have gone on another round. The other thing I see right off the bat is you can back off the 4-of everything. A lot of those spells don't NEED 4 copies being run, and it'd give you the chance to add a few other tricks. Like first thing I'd do is ditch one of the Lightning Crafters for a Fireblast, and maybe one of the Blazes for a second 'Blast (I'd actually also ditch them all, don't like Blaze).

What I really see see here is a Goblin burn deck without enough Goblins (and no Bombs). But that being said, I also see a deck that I wouldn't really want to sit across the table from either.
I would take out the fire marshal for Guttersnipe
Oh you might think about adding Curse of the Pierced Heart
Oh you might think about adding Curse of the Pierced Heart
Pierced Heart is too slow.

I'd drop the Goblin plan altogether and just go with more cheap burn. Also get rid of the Blazes - you have no ramp or accel so it's a waste.

Rift Bolt
Chain Lightning
Burst Lightning
Flame Rift

These are all good.
here is an updated list of my deck.  im hoping i went the right way with this and i thank you all for your suggestions.
mountain 24
Cinder Pyromancer 4
Lightning Crafter 4
Goblin Fireslinger 4
Keldon Marauders 4
Soulblast 2
Lightning Bolt 3
Galvanic Blast 3
Fireblast 2
Brimstone Volley 2
Rift Bolt 2
Chain Lightning 3
Lava Spike 3
Crafters with only 4 other Gobbos is silly.

Soulblast is too pricey.

24 Lands is unnecessary - you can get away with 18-20.

Galvanic makes no sense with no Artifacts.

Brimstone isn't very good when you're aiming most of the burn at the player.

All your cheap burn should be 4-ofs.
I have to agree that running 'Crafters with only 4 other goblins is asking for trouble. I do like 'Crafters though, but you need to tailor some stuff aroiund it if you want that free Bolt every turn. If you really want to stick with the 'Crafters, I'd ditch the Keldon Marauders for 4 Mogg War Marshals. I know it's not burn, but think of what having a few tokens around could do for you. First, give you some Goblins sitting around to champion for the 'Crafters, and also open you up to something like Goblin Grenade.

 You have to think of several things. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to run a burn deck. One, don't forget that you have to stay alive long enough to kill your opponent, that means defending yourself while taking chunks out of your opponent. Look for bigger chunks of burn to make that kill go faster. Don't underestimate cheap blockers, so you don't have to waste precious burn spells on creatures instead of your opponent. A fail-safe to work in is that all your spells can hit creatures or face, and that those spells hit hard.

4x Lightning Crafter
4x Mogg War Marshal
4x Goblin Fireslinger
3x Krenko, Mob Boss
1x Voracious Dragon

4x Lightning Bolt
4x Searing Spear
4x Flame Burst
4x Goblin Grenade
2x Goblin War Strike
4x Browbeat
2x Fireblast

18x Mountain
2x Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle

Should be mostly self-explanatory. War Marshal is the preferred champion for the 'Crafter obviously. You'll get a decent amount of tokens built up, and that's OK, cause tokens are great chump blockers, ammo for Grenade, count towards Goblin War Strike, and food for the Dragon, who is, for all intent and purpose, one of your best kill cards with those tokens stacked up.

Browbeat is good here for two reasons. Early on, your opponent will either take 5 to the face, or give you 3 cards, which is huge in a deck like this, and later on in the game, when your hand is running thin, they won't be able to afford the 5 to the face, and give you the 3 cards, which will likely provide that 5 to the face anyway, or put that Dragon, War Strike, or Fireblast in your hand, which along with the tokens that are sitting there is a win more often than not. Card draw is important in a burn deck where you need to both protect yourself and do damage to opponent with the same cards. And if your opponent just takes the damage, well, that's 5 dam for 3 mana. Not too shabby. It's a win-win for you, no matter your opponent's choice. 

Flame Burst usually isn't a popular card, but after drawing a few extra cards off Browbeat, you'll start to stack those 'Bursts up in your graveyard and can do more damage for the same 2 mana. And again, notice that all the burn spells can hit creatures or face, and they are all (with the exception of the very first 'Burst) 3 points or more, most at instant speed.

There may well be a better Goblin to run than Goblin Fireslinger as well with out stepping away from the burn factor any more than this does.

Lastly, Fireblast isn't a card you'll ever cast for it's mana cost. It sits in your hand till you need that last 4 or 8 damage to cap the game and sac the mountains that you'll no longer need. 
All right.  i have a feeling that I am coming close to finishing this deck.  i threw in some low cost summoning creatures to keep my defense up while lowing the amoint of some cards.  like always, leave your suggestions if you have in.  be free to critisize
mountain 20
Kiln Fiend 3
Cinder Pyromancer 4
Goblin Fireslinger 4
Keldon Marauders 4
Frostling 3
Lightning Bolt 4
Reverberate 3
Fireblast 2
Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle 3
Rift Bolt 2
Chain Lightning 4
Lava Spike 4
browbeat 2

another way to go with the goblin/burn theme.

in your current list frostling and cindfer pyromander should go, as well as fireslinger, they are too slow and do too little 

up rift bolt and fireblast to 4, add maybe magma jet or vexing devil and you will have almost the standard burn list^^ 
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