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the idea for this deck is to attack with all your creatures while locking down your opponent's troublesome creatures and attacking around/over the rest with your evasion creatures. Fencing Ace's double strike paired with either Spectral Flight or Ethereal Armor makes a formidable attacker while Curiosity paired with any evasion creature will give you one or more extra cards each turn. i think Azorius Charm should be main deck but i am not sure what i should swap out for it..

any suggestions or comments are welcome!
i also think this deck needs fiend hunter, although i can only see a spot in the sideboard in place of soul seizer
Have you thought about adding Sphere of Safety instead of Martial Law? While it doesn't stop opponants creatures from using activated abilities, it does make it very difficult if not impossible for any or all their creatures to attack you, so long as you have some enchants out. I have a deck similar to this except it has lock-down enchants like Arrest and Bonds of Faith instead of the lock-down creatures, for a better synergy with Ethereal Armor and Sphere of Safety. My deck worked really well against most of the decks I've played against, Rakdos agro, Delver, RDW, an Izzet control, etc. The main deck it refused to beat was a Thragtusk-Restoration Angel flicker deck.
Martial Law is a decent mix of offense and defense but for 4 mana the mindblowing awesomesauce of Sublime Archangel ends games quickly negating the need for it.
Also might i suggest some exalted instead of enchantments. Additional creatures with exalted help assure a target for enchants(expecially relevant vs control decks) which remain as well an emergency chump blocker. Aven Squire and Knight of Glory (sub out when not vs black) are excellent low cost critters. Also, Cathedral of War has very little downside when suplementing a deck without enough land as is.
Silverblade Paladin and Ajani, Caller of the Pride can have some serious and immediate battlefield presence.
I would add your Azorius Charm MB. Also take out Fencing Ace, while double strike is cool, on a 1/1 its crap. even if you manage to enchant him before they kill him, he still wont do that much. 
I agree with the Aven Squire/ Cathedral of War idea. detain/ control their dudes while swingin in with your evasion dude while your exalted buddies hang back for d.
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