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If a character is subject to a dazing effect by a creature, for examble by a grab, and that character uses their 1 action to end that effect, does their turn end since they were dazed before? or since they are no longer dazed do they get the rest of their turn?

The situation it happened in is as follows:
Our warlock was attacked by a creature that wrapped around her, making her dazed, restrained, and taking ongoing damage until the grab ends. On her turn, she used etheral stride to teleport away, ending those affects. Would her turn then end, since she was dazed when she used ethereal stride, or would she be allowed to finish her turn as normal? At the time, I ruled she could finish her turn, for the sake of time and the fact I wasn't sure of the exact ruling (in those situations, I usually rule for the PC's), but I couldn't help but feel that wasn't right.
You get your full complement of actions back, yes.
From the Rule Q&A FAQ if desired:

If I start my turn dazed and I am able to somehow remove the condition before the end of my turn, can I take my full allotment of actions? Or how about if I become dazed during my turn, could I lose actions? The consensus is yes to both, and the RC now says "While you are Dazed you can take either a standard action, a move action, or a minor action on your turn".

The explanation for it is that because you're no longer dazed, the restriction is no longer active.  You don't "get back" your actions, because you never lost them:  you were just prevented from using them, but that prevention has now been removed.
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