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If you encounter a room that has not been cleared and engage in combat with a monster where both the character and monster miss (character remains in the same room), are you required to fight the monster on your next round or can you move away without engaging in combat in the room you start in with a monster?

You only draw Loot cards for defeating monsters correct? So if you both miss, no Loot for you until you defeat that monster, right?
As to your first question, I don't know.  I'd assume that the turn order would still be in effect (i.e. move before combat), so you could technically run away if you wanted.  That's why they have those 12 monster slots on the side of the board.

There are two ways to get treasure: kill a monster, or trigger a trap.  Keep in mind (and I messed this up in my first game, so people were winning way too easily) that monsters in chambers do not award treasure, except what was dropped previously by another player.  So, to get loot, you have to explore rooms and kill the monsters in them rather than hang out in chambers.

But, to answer the question, you actually have to defeat the monster to get treasure from it, whether it's from the monster itself or dropped by a previous attempt at the combat. 
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