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I am currently playing in a 4E campaign using the WotC "adventure path".  The original concept I had was to make a 4E version of Justicar. Justicar is a character created by Paul Kidd who went through some of the classic Greyhawk adventures in his novels.  White Plume Mountain, Descent into the Depths of the Earth, and Queen of the Demonweb Pit.  He is a very large strong, human ranger that fights with a bastard sword and occassional unarmed strikes. I made him a hybrid fighter/barbarian to pick some of the brawler powers for unarmed goodness.  He just hit 7th level, and I am trying to retool him a bit to better fit the concept.  I'd like him to have a decent AC without resortng to plate, so I went with breserker.  The main problem I am having now is to fit in some unarmed strike abilities into his repertroir. I know it's not optimal, abut I'm trying to stick with the concept. I am not sure of the best way to do this, and would like some advice on the right feats, or even a better class. Thanks.
Not sure who Justicar is and I apologize. Wouldnt it be easy to just get the Monk Multiclass feat that lets you do unarmed damage? I personally would do a human Fighter with that feat. Make one of the At-Wills Dual Strike if you'd like and the rest ur pick. Boom you are set for both attacks. I am not sure how Justicar fights technique wise but Fighter just has so much going for it in my opinion.
While the justuicar occasinally uses stealth and tracking, his usualy procedure is to charge in and attack, I would stick with the hybrid option but I would suggest considering ranger and fighter.  There are some powers that beefit the PC when he has a weapon free.
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