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Greetings, friends. This is a skies deck I made way back when the original Ravnica block had just come out, though it has been apparently updated since then. I haven't used it in a while, and it is incomplete as I had taken cards out for other decks over the past few years. I really have no idea what the point of this deck even was besides to buff Pride of the Clouds. I'm open to any suggestions as to where I should take this deck, as long it is relatively cheap. I use this deck with my only friend who plays. He uses Green Aggro and the biggest threats are Vigor and Gaea's Revenge. Anyway, here's the deck:

Originally, I had planned to use Dovescape to further buff Pride of the Clouds, and sort of as a control mechanism. Another strategy I'd like to utillize is Sunblast Angel. I'm thinking I could use Sleep and Cloudshift to abuse its ability. Captain of the Mists could also be useful as a more permanent source of tapping my opponent's creatures.

I would, however, like to make this deck more about control, and this is where I'm totally at a loss, as I haven't played all that much in a while, so I'm pretty much lost. I still don't have answers for Gaea's Revenge, but I'm more than willing to splash/add green or any other color.
4 Esperia is too much.

4 Sky Hussar is kinda pricey with no acceleration, i'd cut back the number of them.

You need some more control other than ORing. Counterspell, Mana Leak, Vapor Snag, Sleep etc.

Also some draw would be good - Think Twice, Concentrate, Accumulated Knowledge, etc.
I'm a noob, but i think some Magus of the Moat may be what you want
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