How does the ranking system/points work?

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Was wondering how the point system/ranking system works i know if you win you get points and lose lose points. Some people think if you over kill you lose point i always over kill and don't notice anything.Other people think you have to set your setting a certain way and you get more points like combat animation off ect. Me i have no idea i play on ps3 and most the leaderboards on there are hacked with 65000pts top 10 and 11th place has 1800 it's like that on every one except 4 player ffa well hope to see what everyone thinks/knows.
I was at stainless HQ recently and asked a guy there he said not a clue we just hit the generate random code button and it made a leader board, we were actually aiming to code some cards at the time and got a leader board who would of guessed it not us that's for sure.
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