So I'm trying to make an Avacyn deck

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1.) So I'm not very good at making decks. At all. 
2.) I'm in love with the Innastrad block. Paladins, Knights, and Angels. (Lol Im a religious person) 
3.) I want to make a causual play block deck featuring the Angels and knights and the human. I dont want the vampires or werewolves. Trying to make it White and Green. Now that I think about it i mostly like the theme of Avacyn's return. 

I know I want Avacyn and Sigarda and SilverKnight Paladin but I have no where to start, It's hard to think of any good statagies. I dont want the greatest deck in the world I just want a casual block deck that's decent. I could use some help. Or should I try another fourm?