The Dead and the Rogue (our campaign adventure)

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The Adventure

      Deep within the dark cavern several miles below the ground lies a huge carvern strructure they call the underdark this structure streaches beyond the the world's border and to its deepest core,here strange and fantastic creature dwell both mysterious and deadly, here a long time ago before there where drows dwelling in this cavern there was a race called Keta small child looking people who was exile deep within this deadly netwrok of tunnels and caves, here our story begins, a hundered years after the great massacre, in the ruin village of Kardor now desserted and abandon it was here the great massacre happen where more than half of the ketas population was killed in the great massacre.

      In the dark corners going around in stealth trying to avoid controntation of with the denizen of the underdark is Xilef Yrneh Ragde a young Ketas scout belonging to the Merchant caste, deciding to scout the area for some relics, although this place is consider dangereous since alot of the underdark creature has settle in here but sometime a relic or two of great value can be seen here. Xilef is all dress in black leather and a pair of wakisashi(short swords) strap in his back, silently passing through the old deserted building until he heard a noise, it was a sound of digging slowly it went though a dark abandon building he could see perfectly in the dark since his eyes where totally adopted for such area, observing the area while hidden ,he notice four eladrins three of them was wearing chainmail the other was obviously some sort of expensive noble outfit, there the eladrins was busy digging what appear to be a steel coffin with three rusted locks holding it together. the two chain mailed eladrin knights began breaking the locks until it opens, inside was a corpse which seem to be mummfied because of the almost airless interior of the coffin, this corpse seem to be holding a parrying blade stock in its heart, the armor of eladrin design lace with gold and silver this guy might have been a noble Xilef thought his armor might cost alot of coins if he can bring it to the city. even the dagger he is holding seem to cost alot of platinum.

       Thinking about having some more gold in his pouch ,he decided to get to the action by throwing a stone at the tip of the house, the noble eladrin look at the back and ordered" Soldier check that noise there maybe we are being watch" the soldier look at his superior with a straight face"Yes sir:" and he went for the sounds while the others return to examining the corpse, slowly Xilef went closer without being detected silently he pulled his pair of wakishashi and prepared himself, without warning his charge toward the eladrin knight when he was about to stab the lone soldier his back pack cought on some debres on the structure desturbing his attack, luckily the knight failed to notice him and look around not waiting for another moment he charge toward the knight his blade slices though his throat unabling him to scream as he look in terror of the lost race they massacre a hundred years ago the raise his longsword for another attack but before he could attack the frozen blade hits its mark decaptating the gurard where he stand, the body falls down lifeless headless.

       The noble was too busy examing the body that when he heard something fall he just shout"keep it down there " then he hold on the three prong parrying dagger and pulled it out then a scream that seem to comeout the the abyss it was rumbled "who disturb my slumber "cried the corps with a sound as it it echoed from a buttomless cavern and stud up with it pin point red eyes shinning through withoutwarning taken the parrying blade and slash it through all the three remaining high elves, vision of him and other eladrins massacring innocent non combatant ketas clould his mind making him scream in agony and guild the death knight look at the remaining eladrin with blood lust which span chilles on thier bone, looking while hiding Xilef feel the hair of his back chills as the death knight look at the one who disturb its slumber , the knights attack the undead with thier blades the firest attack only bounch of its armor while the second was deflected by the parrying dagger with ease, then the Bralani of Autumn Winds scream "Go back to the Abyss you foul creature" and chant some forgotten language summoning the atumn winds as it raise faster and form a whirl wind which engulf the knight after the virulent wind has died down the undead was still standing was untouch.

        The Death Knight make a laugh as if originated from the depth of the nine hell itself and without warning he slash the Bralani with his newly drawn rapier which radiets with pure dark energies and wounding the noble who scream in pain which seem to hinder his movement, the other two guards was about to make a move untill at the back Xelif tumbled and slash a blade at the guard's back giving him painful frezzing sensation at his back as he turn without missing a beat the pierce through his abdomnin, then with a steady swoop he slices off the torso sending the uppper part flying in the air , with great reaction he move toward the falling body cutting of the knight's head ,the other knight look at his and his disembodied comrade and with great anger "You little rant I guess we werent able to finish u up i will make sure I do starting with you little twerpt" and charge toward him and slashes his with the blade which he dodge effortly to the knight's horror as he readies for another shot, as this goes on the noble teleported away from the monsterous undead and called upon the automn chill which seem to hinder the death knight's strikes, without the beat from the deapt of the abyss and his unholy vigor he charge the fallen noble and stab his body with his rapier which force the noble plea "Have mercy sir I see u wear an armor of eladrin fashion spare me" without missing a beat the death knight stab his blade on the noble's throat instantly killing his ,the knight was not having better luck with a great leap the ketass was able cut the knight in half right at the center"Well for ur information I killed hundreds of ur kind"(this was obviouly a lie since there was no eladrin activity here since the massacre) .

         As the battle died down Xelif look at the Death Knight as he look at him "I though you were extinct and none of u survive" Xilef calmly clean his blades and he place it in the scabbard "I guess the Ghaele of Winter might have miss some of us they did a sloppy job on that" "Boy how many years was it since the great massacre" as he look at the Keta with piercing glowing eyes " Well i think that was a hundred years ago sir" the death knight look away" Interesting I guess never know time passes that fast" " Well i guess i need to report back to the city how about u are u going back to sleep i can place u where u last been if u like" I cant sleep now I need more blood in my blade for now I will just make my domain here and prepare to march toward the kingdom of that Ghaele of Winter and detroy her palace stone by stone" Xilef look at the strange figrue and grab some valuable off the corpse "ok see you then till we meet again" the death knight just look at him and then went toward his business, Xilef left as he phase through the walls of the cavern as a short cut toward his city the death knight just standing there looking at the desserted ketass town as if waiting for something to happen.

*End of Session*

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