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considering my dm allows me to use unearthed arcana suplement any one know anything about how to work out an aquatic goblin pc, where would i find out about the amphibious special quality, even with out it says i can hold my breathe for two rounds per point of constitution, could a larger party member carry a jar of water i can chill in till i have to do any actions that require me to leave the water?

Gilled armor (Magic Item Compendium, p11) gets you the ability to breathe air for +7,000 gp. The amphibious template (Stormwrack, p135) gets you the ability to breathe air for -2 dex.

The amphibious template can be found in Stormwrack on page 135... Basically, the amphibious template can be added to any humanoid or monstrous humanoid... It gains the aquatic subtype, a swim speed equal to half its normal land speed, can breathe air and water equally well, gets -2 to Dex, and a +8 to Swim checks... It has a LA of +0... Otherwise it is the same as the base creature...


I got curious and dug into Stormwrack, which I'd never looked at before even tho a friend's copy has been gathering dust in his pile of splatbooks and old modules in my closet for 2 years.

I'm offering no advice to the OP, I'm just staying barely on topic since it's a relevant thread, and throwing out my initial reactions, to the only things that jumped out at me.

Aventi, The human version. Fine. Whatever.

Aquatic Elves, I disagree with the +1 LA; The 40 swim speed is plenty offset by the Gills constitution limit on out-of-water breathing and subsequent almost necessary Landwalker feat spent. Aventi gain the aquatic subtype and the amphibious SQ while keeping all human racial traits of extra feat and extra skill points, with No LA.

Aquatic Half Elves, I don't like their take on them being non-water breathers, and I don't like I don't like the amphibious template here either. I would treat them as half elves, but with the amphibious SQ and a swim speed 30 including the +8 racial check & take 10 and run action. More like, as half elves are to humans, aquatic half elves are to Aventi (aquatic humans). Half Elves, by their very nature, by the very conception of the bi-racial mixing idea, should above all, more-so than any other race, be the embodiment the concept of being amphibious

Maybe so, but at least it's a starting point...


I did some work on them and called them Sea Monkeys.

I will immediately report any Phishers or Lonely Hearts Scam Artists.

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