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I am new to Magic just started about a month ago and i'm hooked! I built this white and green deck Selesnya, Izzet, and Azorius are the guilds that seemed to capture me when I started... I'm on a low budget so i'm using the cards that I got in my packs and that I could afford. Any  help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. 

I do pretty good against other peoples decks because I have some healing and cards that I can chump block with until I get all my power out on the ground and then I hit big.

This is my first crafted deck, so go easy on me!! haha... I tried to make it all M13 and RTR so it is legal? If I have the idea of whats legal right.....

Creatures - 21
Wayfaring Temple x4
Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage x2
Loxodon Smiter x2
Armada Wurm x2
Centaur Healer x3
Risen Sanctuary x1
Odric, Master Tactician x1
Crusader of Odric x4
Cathedral Sanctifier x2

Instants - 13
Selesnya Charm x1
Heroes' Reunion x3
Sundering Growth x3
Trostani's Judgment x2
Druid's Deliverance x1
Chorus of Might x3

Sorcery - 9
Call of the Conclave x2
Coursers' Accord x2
Captian's Call x4
Seek the Horizon x1

Lands - 25
Forest x10
Land x10
Selesnya Guildgate x2
Temple Garden x2
Grove of the Guardian x1

Selesnyan at heart..
I think you guys can see what it is I'm kinda doing. Aying creatures and cards for creature tokens, with populate to get a good/somewhat cheap army out to build up for the likes of Crusader's of Odric and Wayfaring Temple to hit big and hard..  Also I have my heals to keep me alive and my tokens to kinda chump block if I need them too to bide time. And some cool/ cheap buffs to add power and sometimes trample.   I'm on my phone so if the grammar is all off sorry!!! Thanks!!!!
Selesnyan at heart..
A good rule is to try and stick with the 60 card minimum.

Immediately I see some good synergy between crusader of odric and captain's call. These types of token strategies work very well with the populate mechanic.

Some cards that I don't think follow the theme of the deck (and aren't particularly good for the deck) are

risen sanctuary
cathedral sanctifier
seek the horizon
heroes' reunion

Other cards which are good cards but don't seem to have great synergy are

loxodon smiter
centaur healer
odric, master tactician

These are just solid cards so they will be fine in any deck that can cast them but might not reach their full potential in a decklist like this.

Some cards which have good synergy but just aren't very good cards

trostani's judgment (just play oblivion ring which also turns your sundering growth on in a pinch if your opponent isn't playing artifacts or enchantments)
coursers' accord (6/6 for 6 mana spread over 2 creatures isn't terrible but at this point in the game you want to be wrapping things up with chorus of might or collective blessing)
druid's deliverance (well this might be good if the deck actually wanted fog effect but I see this as just being 2 mana populate in this decklist)

Options you should really consider

rootborn defenses - a populate deck is going to be highly vulnerable to supreme verdict. If nothing else at least you can make a token but this can turn a bad matchup into a good one if they are reliant upon killing your creatures.

Other than that I would increase the number of call of the conclave and selesnya charm to 4 each which should put you at 60 cards total for the decklist.

Don't be too smart to have fun
Thank you so much for feed back. I am out running errands be back to reply in a bit.
Selesnyan at heart..
Ok sweet. I'm gonna take out Risen Sanctuary.. I have more of those and I figured that they are strong as hell but they cost a lot... and I already have some expensive stuff in my deck. So Risen Sanctuary is gone and also Seek the Horizon is also out of there.. 
I kept Cathedral Sanctifier for the cheap 3 heal and a possibly chump blocker or Wayfaring Temple/ Odrics Crusader buff up.... and Heroes' Reunion for the heals while I wait to get what I need out, just wanted to give you my reasoning for those two.. the 7 heal has saved me on occasions.. Loxodon Smiter is just one of my favorite cards (ie my picture lol) and I used the Centaur Healer for the same reason as the Cathedral Sanctifier, but I will get rid of Odric... Although it is cool choosing what I want to block my huge heavy attacks so I cant get my 15/15 chump blocked, I can only have one and I don't always pull him because of such a small chance to pull.

Are you saying I should get rid of Trostanis Judgment and Sundering Growth for Oblivion Ring? Because I can do that I have a good amount of Oblivion ring... And I get what youre saying about how its better and cheaper.. I used Sundering Growth for the populate aspect as well, to help speed things up... I just want to get that clear?

And are you also saying I should replace Courser's Accord for Chorus of Might and Colletive Blessing? Cause I wouldnt really mind doing that. Courser's Accord is pretty expensive, but then again six mana for six power/toughness isnt that bad and also I could populate one of Armada Wurms creature tokens and something and get 8 power/toughness for six mana with Courser's Accord... But the price is annoying so if youre saying those two cards are all I need instead of Courser's Accord that is fine by me...

As Druid's Deliverance is a Fog too which can never hurt. I do just use it for a cheap populate.

And thank you for pointing out that Rootborn Defenses because I always wondered about spells like Supreme Verdict while making this deck and how unprotected I was so I will definately add those... and for a plus it has a populate too !!!

I will definately add more Selesnya Charms  ( i think i have one more, and next week im buying a booster box so i'll have more.) and some more Call of the Conclave I absolutely love that card....

I will post a new and revised decklist soon 
Selesnyan at heart..
Thank you so much Mortician for your feedback it means a lot to a new player like me.... 

How do I avtivate the ability to make the cards easy to view with the blue font like you do for the forums? 
Selesnyan at heart..
Do [*c]Young Wolf[*/c] except without the * for Young Wolf. For future reference, it's called autocarding.
D&D rules were never meant to exist without the presence of a DM. RAW is a lie.
Thank you very much man!
Selesnyan at heart..
I like sundering growth but I don't like trostani's judgment. The nice part about playing oblivion ring instead of trostani's judgment is that if you opponent isn't playing enchantments or artifacts (maybe they don't have any in their entire deck) you could consider using your oblivion ring on a centaur healer and then using sundering growth to destroy the oblivion ring you get your healer back (3 more life) untapped and you can populate a 5/5 wurm or some other token.

The above situation isn't one that should come up very often but it's just a small thing (added bonus). I wouldn't do such a play early on in the game (or even late game in most situations) as your opponent could just drop a platinum angel or some other bomb and you would wish you would rather have the 2 removal spells than an extra token.

I think the decklist definately wants to use 4 oblivion ring but I would probably leave in the 3 sundering growth also.

I think 1 collective blessing might be a good option but depending on the speed a the format chorus of might could be the better option. chorus of might also makes the opponent chump blocking your wayfaring temple pretty difficult. If you have one collective blessing try it out. I haven't had a chance to play this card but I've used overrun a lot in the past which is a very similar card.

Essentially if I was going to recreate this decklist it would look something like

4 x wayfaring temple
2 x crusader of odric
4 x call of the conclave
3 x selesnya charm
4 x oblivion ring
4 x avacyn's pilgrim
2 x sundering growth
2 x rootborn defenses
2 x armada wurm
2 x vitu-ghazi guildmage
4 x captain's call
3 x collective blessing

24 lands

4 x temple garden
3 x grove of the guardian
10 x forest
7 x plains

This is more streamlined and probably not as well tuned for multiplayer. I haven't looked deep into what standard has to offer but if I really wanted to push wayfaring temple and crusader of odric I might even take out the populate theme cards and focus more on token makers like gather the townsfolk and lingering souls (add some golgari duals to the mana base to flashback) but I think that your populate themed deck is pretty good for casual play. 1/1 tokens aren't preferable with the populate strategy so I went with more centaurs in this case.

Ultimately this is the casual play forum and I understand playing loxodon smiter over avacyn's pilgrim. In multiplayer games that will often be the better move as the mana elves (or in this case human) aren't really very good in multiplayer (which a lot of casaul games do fall into the multiplayer spectrum). You need to play what is fun for you and I can see you enjoy cards like centaur healer (which is a card I really like also just not as much as you do). So that is why my suggestion is open ended. I'm not saying that this is the best decklist or anything but if I was to follow your theme and create a decklist for myself this is where I personally would end up. Maybe that will give you an idea to improve your deck (and I hope it will) but here are some general points that I will make to go along with my selections

1st keep the deck to 60 cards - this will benefit any decks which you create
2nd consistancy - sometimes it's best to choose less than 4 cards for certain things but in general you want your deck to have 4 of the important cards. In the case of wayfaring temple you can have 6-8 of this card by including crusader of odric. A card like sundering growth is narrow and will be a dead card if your opponent isn't playing enchantments or artifacts so you might not want all 4.
3rd mana curve - The main reason why I think avacyn's pilgrim is such a good card in this deck is because the main cards in the deck cost 3 mana. Pilgrim puts us at 3 mana on turn 2. In addition there aren't a whole lot of 2 mana spells so this card really helps the deck out a ton. If I was to take out avacyn's pilgrim I'd probably add in a smoother mana curve (take out some 3's add in some 2 and 4 mana spells)
4th pressure and disruption - You need to be able to put pressure on the opponent and it's nice to have cards like oblivion ring which can help to ruin their plans as well. Most decks have some kind of removal spell but you have to balance what you're trying to do against how important it is to stop what they're doing.

In the end if you do these things you can move things around (like take out some sundering growth and add in centaur healer or another favorite card) and I'm sure your decklist will work out ok. Just beware of the inconsistancies that come with different deckbuilding decisions.

Don't be too smart to have fun
Thanks man!! i changed myeck up to what you suggested.... i left out the pilgrims for the time being but i like what you said on the 3rd tip you have me and i will keep that in mind for my side board of just to switch out...... i really appreciated your help its great to have people that give back like you do.
would you mind giving some suggestions to some other decks as well? i have an azorius deck which im new to and i keep getting destroyed but i have a lot of fun playing it, and a r/b izzet deck that sucks now that i made it "legal", im thinking about just going back to my old r/b deck in which i used a lot of the guildpact izzet cards from like 2005 and just playing it casually
Selesnyan at heart..
I havent seen anyone mention Security Blockade, which I think could be a useful 3 drop in this kind of deck.  Its a quick way to get a 2/2 knight with vigilance out on the battlefield.  The land tap to prevent 1 damage is "meh".. but whatever.. it might be useful in a pinch.  The important part is the knight token so you can start populating it.
I have a fast Azorius  deck that does well against decks with lots of creatures. I won't post the whole deck but just to give you some ideas:

Azorius Arrester, Lyev Skyknight, Soulsworn Spirit and New Prahv Guildmage are all good detain creatures (I use 4 of each).

Azorius Charm, Dramatic Rescue and Inaction Injunction for spells.

these are all common or uncommon so it's a good place to start. I like Detention Sphere a lot, as well. Hope this helps.

edit: I ended up posting almost my entire deck so I may as well finish it. 2x Azorius Keyrunes, 1x Sphinx's Revelation, and 1 Righteous Authority.
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