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I would like 2 new features, modifications in WER.

1. When I add new players, detect IP from country, or save my profile (as organizer) and always be on new players the same country. Now is always USA and need to select all the time and even TAB is not functioning from name.

2. If I PRE_Enrol players, then I want to Enrol, I select all but stiil add only 1 on enroll. I would like to add all if I selected all, maybe change button to Enrol All. 
When I add players, the default is NL. When you click options (3rd option on the top menu), you can select a default country on the general tab, which is then used as standard.
Jasper Overman L3 judge Enschede, the Netherlands
TX. I learn every day :-)
Hey Everyone, 

Great feedback! I will look at including these changes in our future build.


- Chase 
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