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I just got done playing my first game of Dungeon!  (Nice job putting that exclamation point there.  It looks like I'm incredibly excited about that.)  Overall, it played well enough.  The rules were simple and straight-forward, but I discovered one concern while playing.

Due to the way the game is designed, the rogue has a 67% chance of finding a secret door.  The problem is that the rogue is the "weakest" class, as it's meant to stay in levels 1-3, and it needs only 10,000 gp in treasure to win.  As a fighter, I spent numerous turns trying to spot a secret door with my piddly 33% chance.  Why?  Because I'm meant for levels 3-5, and the way into the higher levels is rife with secret doors.  The wizard also had trouble, but that may be because he got the minimum number of spells for the game.

Results of the game: Rogue wins with 14,250 gp in treasure.  Fighter barely gets into level 4, and has 10,000 gp in treasure.  Wizard has about 14,000 gp in treasure.

For some reason, the character that's really good at finding secret doors really has no need to do so, while the characters that do need to spot secret doors to take shortcuts to the parts of the dungeon they're meant to be in fail 2/3 of the time to do so.

Like I said, I enjoyed playing it, but it seems that the rogue just has it pretty easy.

I guess my strategy for next time will be to hang around in level 1 or 2 until I get a Secret Door card (and maybe a Magic Sword), then move on to where I need to go.
Yep.  Back in the day, the fighter was called the "super hero" with the elf being the rogue and the hero being the cleric.  Super Hero, aka Fighter is the worst choice.  Rogue/Cleric have the best chance at winning. 

Also, it looks like some cards might be misprinted.  I have a feeling the minotuar and the Zombie should be swapping levels and stats. 
Having just played through it myself for the first time, I think the rogue does need secret doors. Even by levels 2 and 3, there are monsters that the rogue just shouldn' try to fight. If such a monster is hanging out in a Chamber area, it'll likely block a rogue's progress, if not for secret doors.
Hi, I just played through my new copy of Dungeon. I love the game (and have for years) but I have a problem and hoping somebody here could help.

My copy only included 5 Level 1 Monster cards, but there are 9 Level 1 Chambers and 9 Level 1 Treasure Cards. 

Is this omission a known problem with the new edition???

I don't want to have to return my game. Does anyone know how I can contact Wizards customer service so I can get these missing cards replaced? 

Without these cards the game is broken. If I were missing cards from levels 4, 5 or 6, it wouldn't be such a big deal. But I've never played a game of Dungeon! where players didn't sweep Level 1, and cutting Level 1 short would severely handicap the Rogue and Cleric.  

Wizards, if you monitor these forums could you give me some help? 

Once a level's monster cards are gone, those monsters get reshuffled and put back in the deck.  That way you can have an endless supply of monsters, but only the treasures you need for the rooms.  Since monsters at level 1 are pretty much instant kills, you shouldn't have very many sticking around after they appear.

What I do is just put the defeated monster at the bottom of that level's monster deck.  That way, I don't have to worry about running out of monsters. 
don't go straight to level 3 rooms, go to the level 2 rooms and clear them out, The rogue and cleric have a really tough time beating lvl 3 rooms, and if you leave them no options the fighter can just pick up all the loot they drop. Easy as pie.

Our group had the opposite problem, the thief could not fight anything and the fighter could not lose. Fighter wins out every time, forget the secret doors (unless you get the magic item that finds them... then the thief is dun).
Hey guys, I just got the Dungeon! boardgame for Christmas and have played through it a couple dozen times already (I had the original back in the '80 as well).  I must say that I am a fan all over again!  The original was eclipsed when Talisman came out back in the day, and the current incarnation of Talisman has been largely replaced by the current version of Dungeon! at our gaming table now. (I play with kids quite a bit, and Talisman tests their attention spans too much).

After having played all 4 classes multiple times I agree that the rogue's secret door ability is not nearly as useful as it seems like it could be if the board were layed out a bit differently, but despite this "handicap" the rogue seems to pull off a lot of wins at our table.  If anything, the cleric sees a bit less play here, because everyone seems to consider it the 'vanilla' class (it seems to do fine in play).
Got Dungeon! for my birthday, and love it.  Never had a chance to play the original, but thought this would be a great initiation for my son and daughter (7 and 5-year olds, respectively).  They caught on very fast and love playing it with me.

I like to use simple and fast (10sec. or less) combat descriptions when playing to try and trigger their imaginations.  My hope is that one day at least one of them will want to join me at a D&D table.  So far, I think this board game will add a +2 modifier to that chance!

I can't recommend this game enough to those looking for a quick fix with the family.  I was put off at first by the set up time and number of tokens, but then we played a game of Monopoly, and I was reminded that Dungeon! isn't so bad after all.
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