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Ok so i wanted to toss together a vampire deck for games at the local shop and yes i know there are a bunch of other decks in legacy that are better than vamps but i really dont like following the crowd. So this is no where near done or even close for that matter the cards i am listing here are pretty much what i have had around so im still working on getting the cards i need and replaceing things. So here is the list please let me know what cards to toss and what ones to get so i can get the deck going in the right direction.

4x Stromkirk Captain
2x Kalastria Highborn  
3x Vampire Nighthawk
3x Heirs of Stromkirk
2x Vampire Outcasts
2x Malakir Bloodwitch
2x Markov Patrician
1x Mirri the Cursed
1x Stromkirk Noble
1x Vampire Nocturnus
1x Rakish Heir

Other spells 2x
 2x Doom Blade  
2x Lightning Bolt
4x Bump in the Night
2x Brimstone Volley
2x Searing Spear
2x Thunderbolt

Note that i am taking nocturnus out being that sense this is not mono black not much of a point 
So the concept is pretty clear with this one. Imo i need a few more 1 drop nobles and some Terminate and then probly 2 more lightning bolts. An i was thinking on the combo of Dark Depths and Vampire Hexmage its a little pricey but i think it be cool. so thats what i got so far again i know it needs work so if anyone have suggestions let me know and i am also looking for suggestions on what cards to have around my sideboard as well.
Personally I think the mono black version would be better. However if you're set on using the R/B version of the decklist I think the main advantage of this version is the addition of stromkirk noble because there aren't a ton of good options at 1 CMC vampires. I would go with a super aggressive list.

4 - stromkirk noble
4 - vampire lacerator
4 - bump in the night
4 - lightning bolt

4 - bloodghast
4 - gatekeeper of malakir
4 - ruthless cullblade

2 - bloodrage vampire
2 - captivating vampire
4 - stromkirk captain

Maybe remove a couple of the 3 drops for some cheap removal spells such as terminate, dreadbore or urge to feed or whatever the flavor of the month removal spell might be. I think I'd rather have mono black with vampire nocturnus topping out the mana curve but lightning bolt is super good so this might be even better.
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thanks for the input and yes there are indeed not many 1 drops i can go for other than the noble which is one reason i went and put the Lightning Bolt and Bump in the Night. I also do like captivating vampire but i feel as if by the time i have enough vamps to tap safely without opening my self up, i  should of killed the oppnent anyway, I def agree with me getting some more removal in here. Another potential win combo i was looking at was Blood Tribute and Sanguine Bond however idk how effective it would be in the long run.
depends how competitive your local meta is. At competitive level  legacy decks tend to be U/x agro control, so the chance of you getting a slow combo like that running, especially w no counterspells to protect it, is minimal.

Incidentally that is also why the superagro version is preferable - unless you mix in some cavern of souls and mby even expedition map 
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