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hey, i want to make a charector that has a sword but also has the basic wizard powers like magic missel. i dont mind ac as long as i have a the very least have leather. also spell mage isent what im looking for. (sorry for all the miss spellings eglish isent my first laguege.)
Sounds like what you're looking for is either a bladesinger or swordmage, I don't think either of them get Magic Missile, but the bladesinger does get cantrips. You could also just take Melee Training: Intelligence for a wizard, perhaps eladrin for automatic longsword proficiency.
Swordmage starts in leather armour, and multiclassing to wizard will let you use Magic Missile once per encounter. Probably the best way to go about it.
A Beginners Primer to CharOp. Archmage's Ascension - The Wizard's Handbook. Let the Hammer Fall: Dwarf Warpriest/Tactical Warpriest/Indomitable Champion, a Defending Leader. Requiem for Dissent: Cleric/Fighter/Paragon of Victory Melee Leader Ko te manu e kai i te miro, nona te ngahere. Ko te manu e kai i te matauranga e, nano te ao katoa. It's the proliferation of people who think the rules are more important than what the rules are meant to accomplish. - Dedekine
you both had good suggestoins thx.
Bladesingers get Magic Missile, I'm looking right at it.
which book has the blade singer class in it
You can make a Swordmage, multiclass Wizard at Level 1, then take Blackstaff Apprentice as your theme. This gives you Magic Missile (which can be used as a minor action 1/encounter), as well as 3 cantrips at Level 5, and access to Dispel Magic. Not the most optimized route, but it's definitely a better overall choice than a Bladesinger, and if all you want to play a magical swordfighter who also feels like a Wizard, this should do the trick.
let me restate which book is blade singer in
Neverwinter Campaign Setting. You can just look up the source of any race/class/feat/item/power/what have you in the Compendium.

For the record, Bladesinger is considered to be one of the weaker classes on these boards. A wizard can wield a sword if you want, there are several routes to go about it. Or you could play a swordmage, or bard, or warlock, or hexblade, or sorcerer, or hybrid of some sort. There are various methods of picking up magic missile if you must have that, but it's not the most effective power. Much better to play something that you know will be effective, and refluff as needed. No reason you can't refluff the Bard's Cutting Words, or the Hexblade's Eldritch Bolt as Magic Missile.

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