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No, not "bombs" as in that big important thing in your deck. "Bombs" as in explosions!. Another thread got me thinking about one of the first decks I built in magic and how much fun it was. I was proud of it too because it could win about half the time against my friends. This is a variant of the deck because I can't remember all the exact cards, just the main idea.

W/R Explody

For the most part, that was the deck. I would use the lifestaff on my creatures that could die easily as blocking fodder so people didn't want to swing at me often (worked great in multiplayer). When I got into a mess I couldn't block, I'd fog it. The Caldera Hellion and Hellion Eruptions were my win condition: Eat my field, gain life off the staffs, everything blows up in my opponont's face, and I'm left with something in return. It was fun. Not sure if I'm going to rebuild this deck.... I might. What do you guys think?

"Of course I'm sure I've gone mad. The little man who crawled out of my eye was quite clear on this."

so surprisingly (maybe unsurprisingly) theres not a whole lot of r/w guys with "dies" triggers which i think is wut u'r trying to abuse, i could be wrong though.
here's a couple gems though:
stalking vengeance
ryusei, the falling star
yosei, the morning star
REVEILLARK (!!!!!!!)
archon of justice
false prophet
magma phoenix
here's some cards that like ur guys dying:
martyr's bond (please the fact it says permenant so in case i happen to mention a certain red fattie that enjoys munching on lands and artifacts this will make ur opponent feel ur loss as well)
vicious shadows 
you may need better sac outlets so...
greater gargadon
ashnod's altar
altar of dementia
goblin bombardment

so yeah i may be misreading ur deck's intentions but maybe still u might find so stuff u like in this pile, good luck with it
Basically the deck was built around creatures that I wanted dead, not alive. Instead of quick-killing em with sac outlets, I let em litter the field like caltrops, preventing ppl from wanting to swing at me. (For the most part that tactic worked flawlesly... thanks psycology!) Then, I drop something to blow em all up at once! So massive amount of pinging damage is directed at my opponent, and I get something in return. The deck was fun in multiplayer because I normally played the "quiet" player and sat there doing pretty much no attacking till one person was left... then they got blown up!

I'm thinking if I rebuild it to add Phyrexian Rebirth to the deck to give it some more white. Also I liked 1-2 of your suggestions ReveillarkAbuser.

(also: don't worry about misreading the deck's intentions. I confused a lot of ppl with this deck)

"Of course I'm sure I've gone mad. The little man who crawled out of my eye was quite clear on this."

Reminds me of Code of the Orzhov, or at least what my brother ended up doing with it. With the haunt ability, Hissing MiasmaInfectious Host, Souls of the Faultless and Suture Priest, it pretty much just shuts down the opponent and then slowly sucks away at their health with stuff like Pillory of the SleeplessAgent of Masks, and again, Suture Priest. I hatehatehate that deck so much. With his most recent re-creation of it I don't think I've beaten it once.
okie dokie how about shining shoal boros fury-shield, and/or mirror strike over the holy day?
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