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Hey all. We are new players, there's three of us and we're looking for other people who want to learn with us as we go. We all picked up the Red Box as our starting point and have yet to run the second book from the kit. I've been appointed the DM of our group and that means I have no idea what I'm doing but this is going to be fun! We use Maptool for the map the tokens, but everything else is done by paper and pencil.

We play online using Google Plus so if you're interested and in the Eastern/Central time zones (or close enough) let me know you'd like to join us. We have no set date for gameplay but want to start doing weekly games once we get to a point where we know how to play.

I'm 26 and live in Canada, another is 25 and lives in the USA, and our third is 25 and also lives in Canada. Let me know or send me a PM and we'd love to meet you! 
I've been looking for a group now for awhile. I'm free to play, just send me a message.
Already sent a PM for this. Sounds fun!
I've sent PM's back.
Sent you a PM last night. I am interested if you still have room.
I sent a PM as well. Hopefully there's still space!
I've replied again!

Things to keep in mind: We haven't even completed the Red Box yet. So we're all level 1 and have no idea what the hell we're doing. I'm trying to read as much of the DM book as I can and have all the other literature but again, we're so new it hurts. Also I'm treating this as a first come first serve. Only 1 person has met up with us so our group count is possibly at 4... nothing is set in stone
I'd be interested in joining, I'm just as much a noob as you guys but I've always wanted to really get into D&D. So please let me know.
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