Vulnerability/Resistance When Attack Power Contains Multiple Attacks

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I can't seem to find any answer on whether or not vulnerabilities apply to each damage roll, each attack roll, or each attack power. The main issue at hand is when an attack power contains multiple individual attacks. If each attack hits the target, do you add (or minus) the resistances to the TOTAL damage that is dealt by the power, or the damage to each individual attack?

Take for instance the Ranger At-will power "Twin strike", that contains two attack dice rolls. Each attack roll grants a damage roll.

Attack: Strength vs. AC (melee; main weapon and off-hand weapon) or Dexterity vs. AC (ranged), two attacks. Hit: 1[W] damage per attack.

If a ranger manages to hit a target with both rolls and that target is vulnerable 10, does the target take 1[W] + 10 + 1 [W] + 10 damage (2[W]+20), or does the target only take 1[W]+1[W]+10 damage (2[W]+10).

The same issue will probably apply to resistances as well.


- Rowanhorn

Each separate instance of damage is increased or reduced (as appropriate).  A ranger who TWin Strikes a target who is vulnerable to his attacks will get the damage added to each strike.
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A good reference is the Cleric's level 29 Daily prayer Astral Storm. It has multiple attacks types and states what happens when an enemy has resistance or vunerability to one or more damage types.

PHB1, Character Classes, Cleric:  

Astral Storm Cleric Attack 29
You unleash a terrible storm upon your enemies, raining ice, fire,
lightning, and thunder down upon them.
Daily ✦ Cold, Divine, Fire, Implement, Lightning, Thunder,
Standard Action Area burst 5 within 20 squares
Target: Each enemy in burst
Attack: Wisdom vs. Reflex
Hit: 6d10 + Wisdom modifier cold, fire, lightning, and thunder
damage. Resistance doesn’t reduce the damage unless
the target has resistance to all four damage types, and
only the weakest resistance applies. A target that has vulnerability
to any one of the four damage types is subject to
that vulnerability.
Miss: Half damage.
Effect: The burst creates a stormy zone until the end of your
next turn.
Sustain Minor: When you sustain this power, make a
Wisdom vs. Reflex attack against every enemy within the
zone, dealing 2d10 + Wisdom modifier lightning damage if
you hit and half damage if you miss.

Essentially if the person is resistant to one type but not the others, then it only takes less damage from that type of damage if it is seperate rolls.

Thanks for the response, Salla. That is exactly the situation that I am looking for. Starcomet1, thanks for your response but this isn't the situation that I am looking for.

Salla, have you got any reference to the Rules for what you are claiming, in order to help clarify? Currently I am of your thought, but some other members of my party are not and they think that vulnerability/resistance only applies once at the end of the power. This rule is only becoming more and more necessary as my group increases in level, and the ranger takes more and more powers that are along the lines of 'target one creature, roll four attack rolls, each roll does 1W+DexMod damage'.


- Rowanhorn
Vulnerability is not per power instance but per damage instance.

Vulnerability apply whenever proper damage is dealt. Multiattack Powers are seperate instances of attack and damage for each attack. If a Power says ''two attacks'' it will make attack, hit and deal damage twice for exemple. If two attacks deal damage of a type the target is vulnerable to, it will thus take extra damage each time.

RC 225 Vulnerability: Being vulnerable to a damage type means a creature takes extra damage from that damage type. Vulnerability appears in a stat block or power as “Vulnerable x,” where x is the amount of the extra damage. For instance, if a creature has vulnerable 5 fire, it takes 5 extra fire damage whenever it takes that type of damage.

Tagging off this question, how would this effetc work with the boon/item Five Stars Five Strikes?

You move up to your speed. If your next melee attack this turn hits, roll four extra attack rolls (using the same modifier as the initial attack roll) and deal 1d8 extra damage to the creature you hit for each of the extra attack rolls that hits.

Let's say I hit with my  original attack roll, then hit with the "four extra attack rolls". Would that allow me to tap (let's say Vulnerability 5) five times? I'm thinking yes since they are termed "attack rolls" and the phrase "attack rolls that hits" implies to mee additional hits. 

However, I can see an argument being made the other way.

No only once because Five Stars Five Strike's additional attack rolls are not generating seperate damage rolls, they are a way to determine how many 1d8 extra damage it will result being additionally dealt. Since Extra damage are in addition to attack's damage, not seperate instance of damage, it will still be a single instance of damage.

RC 223 Extra Damage: Extra damage is always in addition to other damage and is of the same type or types as that damage, unless otherwise noted. Because of this rule, an effect that deals no damage cannot deal extra damage.

There is a reason why twin strike is so bro...i mean good.
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