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Ok so i wanted to toss together a vampire deck for legacy format games at the local shop and yes i know there are a bunch of other decks in legacy that are better than vamps but i really dont like following the crowd. So this is no where near done or even close for that matter the cards i am listing here are pretty much what i have had around so im still working on getting the cards i need and replaceing things. So here is the list please let me know what cards to toss and what ones to get so i can get the deck going in the right direction.

4x Stromkirk Captain
2x Kalastria Highborn
 3x Vampire Nighthawk
3x Heirs of Stromkirk
2x Vampire Outcasts
2x Malakir Bloodwitch
2x Markov Patrician
1x Mirri the Cursed
1x Stromkirk Noble
1x Vampire Nocturnus
1x Rakish Heir

Other spells
2x Doom Blade
2x Lightning Bolt
4x Bump in the Night
2x Brimstone Volley
2x Searing Spear
2x Thunderbolt

So the concept is pretty clear with this one. Imo i need a few more 1 drop nobles and some Terminate and then probly 2 more lightning bolts. An i was thinking on the combo of Dark Depths and Vampire Hexmage its a little pricey but i think it be cool. so thats what i got so far again i know it needs work so if anyone have suggestions let me know.
Cards to toss:  The entire deck except Lightning Bolt.

Seriously, this has absolutely no chance of being even close to playable in Legacy ever.  It looks just fine for casual, but when people are going turn two Griselbrand or turn two Emrakul, the Aeons Torn + Blightsteel Colossus + Griselbrand or an on curve Jace, the Mind Sculptor, you don't want to look down and see any of the cards in your list.
i went to legacy night and went 4-1 but nah i get your point im probly gonna ethier just gonna rock this on casual play nights or tweak it up and go standard
Vampires can get surprise win's, but only if you're rocking cards like Aether Vial and a fair whack of low-costed vamps, like Vampire Lacerator.     That said, you'll need a fair amount of removal, either in the form of Sacrifice effects (Diabolic Edict etc.) and Lightning Bolts to keep pace with the decks in Legacy.  
Or a fair amount of discard in the shape of Thoughtsieze, Cabal Therapy, Duress & Inquisition of Kozilek.
Discard is the only way Vamps have a chance against Combo.

Most Legacy decks that aim for creature based aggro, aim for having a decent board presence by turn3.
As Mad Admiral says, your deck is way too slow.
Cards like Vampire Outcasts & Heirs of Stromkirk I wouldn't even play in casual, let alone Legacy.    
Why no Gatekeeper of Malakir?  It's one of the only Vamps I consider an automatic 4-of in tribal vamps, outside Nighthawk and Lacerator.
Hexmage is also a good inclusion against opponent planeswalkers.

Try and work your mana-curve.
Drop anything above a 4-drop.  Increase your numbers of 1 and 2 drops, with gradually less 3 and 4CMC creatures in comparison.
To include anything above 5CMC, it better be worth it, as most games it'll be a dead card in hand.
Cut creatures with troublesome requirements.  ie. Nocturnus is nice in mono-black, but I wouldn't even consider it in R/B.      
Land destruction (at least of non-basics) is very common in legacy.

If you need a good yardstick to test the deck against, test your deck against Maverick, Merfolk and Goblins - you'll find them over at MTG Top8.
I 100% agree with you slave. An i just did not have any gatekeepers at the time i however now have them in my deck. An suprisingly some of the players was impressed with the crazy guy who was playing vampires they can and gave me some advice much like what you said. so i changed some stuff up.

I took out the following vampire interlopers, heirs of stromkir, curse of stalked prey, nocturmus and few others and i replaced them with Duress    Bloodghast  Hymn to Tourach
then i got s few more kill spells and stuff for sideboard such as hexmages, smelt, and  Inquisition of Kozilek.
If you're looking to abuse Bloodghast, take a look at Cabal Therapy.
It's a hard card to be good at playing if you're new, but if it resolves you get to see their hand and potentially cast it a second time.

For another deck idea with vamps in it;
       Googs out "The Gate" 
It has some vamps, a little bit of disruption, card draw and some fatties to stomp face. 
It's not a tier-one deck or anything, many of the cards have cheaper alternatives, but it's a fair example of a stompy deck in Legacy that sports Vamps.
Bear in mind, tribal only works well for certain decks in Legacy, as there's not many tribes that are fast enough to compete against the unfair decks in the format.

Ok sorry for the long time between post i went to another casual night at the shop and went 5-2 so i feel like the deck is doing ok so far but it does need some areas improved. thus where i need your guys help this the deck list as it stands.
4x Vampire Nighthawk
4x Stromkirk Captain
4x Bloodghast
2x Kalastria Highborn
3x Tormented Soul
4x Lightning Bolt
3x Blightning
3x Duress
4x Terminate
3x Bump in the Night
2x Curse of Stalked Prey   

4x Smelt
4x Dark Ritual
2x Doom Blade
2x Victim of Night
2x Sadistic Sacrament              
ok so i was lacking 1 drops and the nobles are kinda pricey for me atm so i tossed in the tormented soul which ok def not the best but add in curse of stalked prey it can have its time to shine. Then i added some hand distruption into it and bite the bullet and dropped the cash on bloodghast. Now seeing as how the only red spells i have is lighting bolt and curse im wondering if i can find a black replacement for them or even just cursed and then if i should just run Nocturnus.
You should probably look into Modern instead.
There's also zero reason to play Dark Ritual in your sideboard. 


really only reason i have dark ritual in the sideboard was just a thought on getting the kick cost of sadistic sacrament yea i know its not practical and i have only gotten it off once but still exileing 15 cards from your opponet just makes me smile lol. An yes id probly should look into modern but im probly gonna stick with legacy for now just to see how long i can keep winning legacy nights i mean if i want to be normal in legacy id run pox or reanimater and be like everyone else. However i like to be the one that does something different sorry just how i am.
There is nothing wrong with running a unique deck - props for doing it, just be mindful of how players can completely negate whatever you may do.

If you're looking for more one-drops, check my first post - Lacerator or either of the Guul-Draz are solid.
Outside of creatures, 
Discard is perfect for this, as Lightning Bolts are a reactive card, and Bump in the Night is horrible - please cut bump.
In this deckk, aim for between 8 to 10 discard spells, but I'd personally run 12 including Blightning.
Stripping their hand of counter or combo pieces, or just simply slowing them down are all good, but taking away any way they have of stopping your path to winning is VERY important.  SHould they manage to land a Moat, Island Sanctuary etc., you don't have any way to deal with it in R/B apart from Chaos Warp - which you should have about 3 or 4 of in your sideboard. 
Make sure your curve stays low so you can cast these spells in your first few turns whilst still getting threats out of your own.

Keeping the pressure on, and keep their hand full of nothing but chaff should be your aim, as there are many decks you won't be fast enough to race.

Tormented soul should only be in bloodlust decks, you have better options here.

Cards like Doom blade are good, but many of the upper tier decks run creatures you won't be able to target at all, so I'd consider cards that still hit, like Diabolic Edict or Geth's Verdict, to compliment the Bolts & Terminate, which should only be there to clear the way for your vamps.
You'll have to balance your removal with discard, and balance your removal that can also hit a player as it's much more useful. 
To give you an example, if someone plays Hypergensis and lands an Emrakul, the Aeon's Torn on turn 3, how do you not just auto-lose?
Where I play, I see this guy at least once or twice across the table everytime I play, man I hate that card! sacfrifice effects together with targetted removal to kill everything else usually does the job.
Seeing as you're running Terminate & Bolts, either of the sac effects would be solid sideboard material. 

The cards in your sideboard aren't very good.  Some of them are pretty win-more instead of dealing with problems.
Smelt is about the only one I would keep, although Shattering SPree is another good one if you have them.
Chaos Warp, Pithing Needle are ways to deal with things you may find hard to deal with.   
If you end up running lots of Discard, Extirpate or Surgical Extraction are both excellent choices to make combo players just scoop right there.
solid advice and i apprecate it alot made me think alot and after thinking on it i do like the idea of just makeing it so my oppnent has to get rid of everything and i feelo like i could make this deck shine. Now mabey its jsut me being a new player but i am worried about getting rid of my burn cards reason being thats been the main way i have been winning lol. I do want to get rid of bump and other things like torment souls they was just in there till i can find other vamps i can swap them out for. Is there any vamps out there you can recommend?
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