Raven Queen first queen of Nerath?

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www.wizards.com/dnd/downloads/dungeon/17... says that the Raven Queen was known as Nera, what do people think, should there be a connection between her and the City state of Nera that began the Nerathi empire?
She should be much much older than even that city-state.  She ascended to godhood during the Dawn War before there were human civilizations.  More likely, the City of Nera (and river, and Empire) was named in honor of the name legends say was the Raven Queen's.  And perhaps it did capture her favor.  After all, Nera did remarkably well for a long while.

It would make an interesing tale.  Maybe one of her descendants, named after her, founded the city. 
One peculiar thing to note, though, is that the Raven Queen changed her nickname from Nera because she didn't want to be associated with Nerull anymore - Nerull named her Nera in his own honor, after all. So it might just have brought a curse upon the empire rather than a blessing (if it had any effect). An important lesson to learn from the fate of Nerath is, after all, that even the mightiest must fall and die, much like what is said in the Raven Queen's teachings.