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I'm trying to keep the 4E wiki up to date, however the Book of Vile Darkness says that Darkon is destroyed and the only survivors are the Kargantane, while the most recent Dragon magazine says Van Richten lives there. What's the story behind this place?
Technically speaking, Darkon was "destroyed" in the fallout of the 2e module: "Death Triumphant" from the boxed set, "Requiem: The Grim Harvest".   But really, all that happened was that the place changed ownership, with Death taking over, and the domain was renamed Necropolis.  So it still exists, certainly.   In the 3e Ravenloft books by Arthaus, it's back to being called Darkon, as Azalin returned to unlife, and took the domain back from Death.  "Necropolis" shrunk to a single city within Darkon, which Death now rules.

(Note that the 4e BoVD writeup of the Kargatane contradicts elements of the 3e line, notably the fate of Kazandra, so it's hard to say what "canon" is now)

As for Van Richten, the Dragon Mag writeup contradicts the 2e material with respect to where he wrote his books.  In 2e, only his first three guides were written in Darkon, then he moved to Mordent and wrote the rest.  No mention is made of that in the 4e version, since they don't mention Mordent at all, and work under the assumption that the connected domains of Ravenloft are now isolated domains in the Shadowfell.

So you have 2e/3e continuity and you have 4e continuity.  They don't agree.  If you go just by 4e, you could reconcile the BoVD and Dragon in a few ways, by putting Van Richten in the past, or by adopting the 3e version of Darkon's history and letting a re-formed Darkon exist in the present without Kazandra's knowledge, or by allowing for the existence of Mordent and saying that Van Richten left Darkon for Mordent before it fell.
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