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I'm not sure about targeting large monsters. If you target a Drider with explosive bolts and only have clear line of site to one square the Drider occupies, would another creature adjacent to the Drider but not adjacent to the targeted square suffer the splash damage?
You only need to trace a line from a single corner of the source square to a single corner of any one of the Drider's ocupied squares in order to have LoS. If you trace to 4 corners of one of the Drider's occupied squares, from a single source corner, then you have a clear shot. 

Explosive bolts does additional damage to each creature adjacent to the target.

So from a RAW perspective this is completely answered. Yes each creature adjacent to the Drider takes damage regardless of which of the Drider's occupied squares was the target. I can't say if this was intended or not, but I would be a bit shocked if it wasn't. The wording on explosive bolts is clearly inclusive, I can't imagine they didn't bother thinking of large creatures when they wrote it. 
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