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I was told that if I cast an Epic Experiment with say X=4, and in that 4 I reveal an increasing vengeance I can place it on the stack copying the Epic Experiment which would make another copy being X=4. Is this correct? If it is I am trying to do this on MTGO and every time I do the Increasing Vengeance fizzles with no target.
You were told wrong. While you can choose to target the resolving Experiment with the Vegenace (since it's still on the stack while it's resolving), when the Vengeance resolves, it sees that it's only target is now illegal and the spell is countered, so you won't make a copy of the spell.

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You can put increasing vengeance on the stack targeting epic experiment, but this is during the resolution of epic expeirment.  When it finishes resolving, it goes to the graveyard, at this point your increasing vengeance has no legal target, when it starts to resolve it gets countered.
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  1. Epic Experiment is cast.

    1. Epic Experiment is placed on the stack

    2. ...

  2. Epic Experiment resolves.

    1. Exile th...

    2. For each ...

      1. Cast Increasing Vengeance targetting Epic Experiment.

    3. Move Epic Experiement to the graveyard.

  3. Increasing Vengeance resolves.

    1. Targets are checked. Increasing Vengeance is countered because all of its targets are illegal. (The Epic Experiment spell ceased to exist in 2.3.)

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