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Take the card Geistflame purely as an example.

When you play the card via its Flashback ability does it count as an instant?

What if the card was a Sorcery when cast, does it have to be cast as a Sorcery when it is flashbacked into play?
Flashback changes where you can cast the card from, not when
so "instant" and "sorcery" timing restrictions still apply

a flashbacked Geistflame is an Instant Spell, a flashbacked Unburial Rites is a Sorcery Spell
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A Sorcery remains a Sorcery and you may flash it back only as such.
Flashback allows you to cast it from the Grave; it doesn't make it an Instant.

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Flashback and Flash are two separate, unrelated things that have nothing to do with each other.

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However, Hypersonic Dragon would let you cast and flashback sorceries at instant timing

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