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If I fizzle a spell does every effect of the spell get negated? For example if my opponent went cast Inaction Injuction on one of my creatures and I in response cast Mizzium Skin on said creature would my opponent still draw a card from his spell.
If all of a spell's targets are illegal by the time it would resolve, it's countered and none of its effects (not even the untargeted ones) happen.
when a spell "fizzles" it's basically the same as if it was countered by Cancel or similar (some exceptions, before someone nitpicks me)
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somewhat exceptionally, if you cast Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre and it was countered, you'd still destroy a permanent, because that effect happens even before the spell would start to resolve.

likewise any spells with Storm or other triggered abilities that trigger upon casting (Gravestorm, Replicate, Ripple, Conspire, or Cascade)

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On that note If I play oblivion ring or detention sphere and he invalidates my target via mizzium skin, alters reap, unsummon ect. do those enchantments stay on the battlefield?
Yes, Ring will sit on the Field, looking pretty and doing nothing.

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