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Hey everybody,

I am attempting to make a different style EDH deck. I am not focused on winning at all, but rather upon messing with anyone else playing and having as much fun as possible assigning new controllers to peoples' permanents. That being said, I need some help cutting cards and am open to suggestions. Any ideas?

Also, I should mention that I am trying to keep the deck pretty freakin' cheap, as I am buying all the cards.

You're mana is absolutely atrocious.  I'm pretty sure that 44 lands are WAY too many.  I'd cut out 4-6 total.

I understand that you want to keep it low budget, but that shouldn't mean basics only.  There is some pretty cheap fixing available so you don't have to run straight basics.  Things like Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse, Ravnica bouncelands, Return to Ravnica gates, etc.  Even the M10 duals are fairly cheap.  There are also the Panorama lands that help you fix as well.

Mana rocks are also dirt cheap.  The Signets, Darksteel Ingot, Vessel of Endless Rest, Manalith, etc. help fix your mana and ramp you a bit.

I really do like Naked Singularity, however it's not legal in your deck. It contains mana symbols not present in your commander's mana cost.

The best suggestions I can give you is include the following:

Illusions of Grandeur-Currently priced 2.93-3.99
Pyromancer's Swath-Currently priced 1.49-1.99
Celestial Dawn-Currently priced 0.38-0.99
Steel Golem-Currently priced 0.03-0.99
Grid Monitor-Currently priced 0.20-0.75
Rhystic Study-Currently priced 1.79-2.49

Total price= 6.82-11.20

Price checks were done using tcgplayer.com and starcitygames.com
Those are all really good suggestions above me.

I would also suggest Gilded Drake though thats a little more expensive.

If you're looking to screw over people (and by people I mean one guy at a time) you can also play Thought Lash.


I avoided suggesting Gilded Drake because you mentioned budget concerns. It's running around $22-23. However, there are several cards that have similar effects but cost much less.

Chromeshell Crab-0.25
Conjured Currency-0.25

They are both not as good as Gilded Drake, but can have the same effect. I would probably steer clear of Conjured Currency just because the following turn they're going to take Zedruu, and you're not going to get her back without another Control Magic spell or Brand.
Zealous Conscripts is a great way to start the stealing fun.  Ghostly Flicker and Deadeye Navigator can help keep things you steal, as well as let the conscripts steal more stuff.
I don't necessarily know that stealing is what he's trying to do. Exchanging helps more because of his general.
Stealing is cute. It lets you redistribute the fun stuff.


I really do like Naked Singularity, however it's not legal in your deck. It contains mana symbols not present in your commander's mana cost.

Ah, I had not thought about that. Many thanks.

I am going to see what I can do for the cards suggested by everyone, many thanks. Any thoughts on Contested War Zone?
Hmm. I do like that you switch control, however, I don't like that it encourages folks to attack you. That's really more of a personal call.

On the note of stealing...

Consider Callous Oppressor.

@Eyeball Frog: Why not play Momentary Blink over Ghostly Flicker?

And if your'e going that route...why not play Restoration Angel and Angel of Serenity.
Ghostly flicker lets you blink a stolen creature and have it become yours permanently- no longer dependent on the original theft effect.


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