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Forging The Realms 
Bringing a City to Life

By Ed Greenwood

Most Realms campaigns, sooner or later, involve the sort of travel that's more than PCs moving into the next room of a dungeon. Unless wayfaring player characters really hate wealth and good shopping—or selling—choices, not to mention the best availability of skilled NPCs and the latest information, sooner or later they're going to wind up in a city.

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Ends Are Sometimes Better Left Loose

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Variant Rules

By Chris tulach

Now, we’ve recently released a new version of the game for the first time in 20 years! In celebration of its release, I’d like to share with you four variant rules for the game. One variant makes the game feel a little more old school, two hack the game with a modern eye, plus one final variant for those of you who love playing wizards. Mix and match the variant rules to your taste, and enjoy!

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Montréal, Canada
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