Xira Arien, Commander?

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I recently received a friend's collection, and as I went through it, this card caught my eye.

Xira Arien

What a bizarre card.  Insect wizard? Card draw for ? I felt compelled to make a commander deck for her.

Only problem is, I have no idea what direction to go with it.  Anyone want to help me out here?
Group Hug w/ Mana Flare, Rites of Flourishing, Temple bell type stuff then drop Underworld Dreams and board wipes.

Whatever you go with, don't forget Swarmyard.
LMAO@ Swarmyard.  Hilarious.

My suggestion about group hug decks:  Don't.  

About Xira Arien...

Questions, I guess:

What is your budget?  What do you have access to, cards-wise?
Will she be played often?
What "type" of player are you?

My knee-jerk reaction is to do mass discard so that you gain the adwantage - Geth's Grimoire, Words of Waste, etc.  Follow through with something like Eureka after a big discard festival. 
Best deck I've seen that runs her at the head was a grindy rock style control deck.
I love xira arien. I originally ran her as an LD deck, but transformed it into a rock style. I went with life from the loam into retracing worm harvest. Discard could be good... Nath of the gilt leaf and sadistic hypnotist...


I actually run her in charge of goblins.  Thinking of Jund insects next. 
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