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i've been gone for awhile (time spiral) and like any good addiction just as soon as I thought I was clean I had a relapse. went to the Return to Ravnica prerelease and I was hooked again. Now sadly my three favorite guilds were not represented (Boros, Gruul, Orzhov) so I decided to try Azorious on day one and Golgori day two. looking through gatherer I don't feel that Red white is viable for me till gatecrash. what cards should I look to invest into for the short run and long run with a Boros endgame in mind? Currently I feel green black will be the short term colors of choice.
Just start picking up stuff for RW Humans. You can still play it, but the deck sometimes stumbles on itself because of the mana.

Alternately, blue/white humans is currently a good deck, and uses a number of cards that RW humans would. 


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