Izzet Aggro/Burn

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x4 Delver of Secrets
x4 Goblin Electromancer
x4 Guttersnipe
x2 Hypersonic Dragon

Spells- 25

x3 Pillar of Flame
x3 Index
x3 Electrickery
x3 Thought Scour
x3 Searing Spear
x3 Think Twice
x3 Mizzium Mortars
x2 Divination
x2 Brimstone Volley


x1 Cavern of Souls
x2 Sulfur Falls
x1 Izzet Guildgate
x9 Islands
x8 Mountains


x3 Blustersquall
x2 Vandalblast
x3 Unsummon
x2 Izzet Charm
x3 Negate
x2 Traitorous Instinct

Game Plan:

Deck basically works off of synergy between Delver of Secrets , Goblin Electromancer and Guttersnipe . Once you have all three of them in play you just aggro burn them to death.

Things I Like About This Deck:

Drawing two cards off of Divination for 2 mana and even 1 some games. Also i love the fact that with a Goblin Electromancer and a Guttersnipe in play it only cost 3 mana to do 9 damage with Pillar of Flame and Searing Spear

Hope you all like the deck. please leave your comments and feel free to try it out it is tons of fun to play
All of your creatures are really fragile; I'd reccomend trying to fit some countermagic in there.  Electrickery seems like strict sideboard material unless your meta is full of lingering souls decks.  Otherwise the only relevant creatures it kills that I can think of are gravecrawler, lotleth troll, and aristocrat all of which have ways around it.  Index seems meh.  I know it flips delver, but the chances of you having a keepable hand with a Indexand a Delver where the Index actually helps you flip the Delver seem extremely slim.  Thoughtscour also seems meh in a deck that isn't aiming to abuse the graveyard or runechanter's pike.  

I'd probably do the following:

-3 Index
+1Pillar of Flame
+1Searing Spear
+1Brimstone Volley

If you want to keep the thought scour's I'd probably replace the dragons with runechanter's pikes and the divinations with faithless looting, otherwise I'd probably swap them for main-deck izzet charms.  Also consider [c]Talrand's Invocation]/c].  It's a spell so it synergizes with all your dudes  plus gives you 4 power in the sky which isn't bad.   
I would take out Hypersonic dragon for Talrand, Sky summoner. He's GOOD. Real good.
I don't have a whole lot to say about your deck but in specific, you might want to look for space for Izzet Charm. Other than that, I've been looking at different variations of this deck.

My friend's version is pretty cool. It runs the charms and a few Dissipate to trump the bigger spells or removal. Lastly he splashed black because he's a bit more of a stall deck with all of the counters and runs Rakdos's Return as the blowout on turn 5. 4 damage and discard 4 cards is super relevant even if they only have 2 cards in hand. Not to mention extra damage from Guttersnipe.
Index is just such a powerhouse.  It makes sure you hit all your land drops, it lets you find exactly the spells you need when you need them, and it only costs 1 mana.  You should be running it as a 4 of.

y u troll 4

I run a similar build to this, but instead of delver I use nivmagus elemental this guy synergizes so well in this deck also charmbreaker devils are kinda cool too.