limited time - what should we skip in Blingdenstone?

I'm starting Blingdenstone next week, but my group can only commit to about 11 9 hours of total play time.  Is that going to be enough to run all 6 quests?  If not, what should I cut/combine?

This is a new group, so I have no prior knowledge of their playstyles.

[Edit: Oops, misremembered the # of hours.]
That should be enough time.  I've only run 3 sessions (about 6 hours worth), and I've been able to get them from their base village into the underdark, down to Blingdenstone.  They've met many of the NPCs and they have defeated Ogremoch's Bane.  They have found the crystals in the Wormwrithings, and they are now at the fight with the Drow Wight to recover the the crown.   I can see them dealing with the Orcs soon and then maybe doing the trading mission, destroying the Drow weapons and helping the Gnome priest (Pingtu?) do the final rites.   I think that's about it.

If you are going to skip any particular part, it will most likely be the trading run.  I find that difficult to run as it is written (just because it is so complicated...factions...each buyer only buys and sells specific things...etc.).  Although, if you really like that type of quest, and you can keep all of the details straight (or you can invent your own and improvise well), you may want to do that part of the quest.

You can always have them find the remaining stone they need to activate the speaking stones if they miss anything.   

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A couple of ways I abbreviated, when I had to:

1) Ignore whatever flavor text of NPCs that I wanted to ignore. It made moving the story along easier.

2) Ignore random encounters.

3) Reduce negotiation difficulty by a moderate amount.

4) Ignore the Crown Wars in Blingdenstone politics - maybe dude isn't greedy, and is a pretty good leader. Just give him the @#&! crown. Done. Remember what I said about ignoring NPC flavor text? This one change has no mechanical impact, but can cut up to ten minutes of subplot. 

Less time fighting non-essential battles, less time fiddling around in the reclaimed sections of Blingdenstone, less time to get to the job at hand, and less overall time with subplots. Use as needed, and if you find you have more time than you thought, start sticking things back in, no problem. 
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