Laying out the tiles from the Wrath of Ashardalon question.

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I have some questions about laying out the tiles from the Wrath of Ashardalon game.  I do not own the game itself but I have the tile set from the game, I do have Legend of Drizzt.  So do the tiles lay out by the same rules as Drizzt for pre-constructed dungeons and what do the red arrows represent on the chamber tiles?  I ask this because of the chamber tiles.  I just thought I would ask.

The arrows on tiles, as you know, serve two purposes: first to show how they are oriented when placed and second to tell you what to do when the tile is placed.  A white triangle means do nothing.  a black triangle means draw an encounter card.  I believe the red triangle on the Wrath of Ashardalon chamber entrance tiles means "set up the chamber and activate the chamber deck."  I highly recommend downloading the rulebook from the site and looking it over.

As for creating a dungeon at the start of the adventure a la Legend of Drizzt, I don't know.  Wrath lacks the Cavern Edge tiles, and none of the scenarios actually call for doing that.  I'd assume, though, that if you wanted to do so, then you could lay out something using those rules and another game's tiles.  They're all pretty much the same, anyway.

Thanks for the information thewok. As for the caver edge tiles, I have extra that I painted solid black for use with the WoA tile set. Also for creating the dungeon with the WoA tiles by the LoD rules seems to work ok, just a bit tweaking here and there.

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