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So I have made some changes and updated my artifact deck and it is now looking more upto date. I have been trying to make it an aggro deck with a few surprises thrown in.

I was wondering if I should try adding a colour for example white so that I could go for a card such as Tempered Steel

So what does everyone think of my deck now? I am lloking to using cards from Scars onwards.

I think adding a color could be good. For example if you add green you could get sylvan scrying to search for the urza lands. Or as you mentioned you could play white for tempered steel or black for removal spells etc... Really cards like rogue's passage and glimmerpost aren't helping a lot so losing those cards for some key spells in a particular color will be a good trade off IMHO. I don't think warden of the wall is very good in this list. If you add a color some better options are the totems from time spiral (example phyrexian totem) because they dodge wrath of god effects and they come into play untapped. Even if you're not playing other colors something like mind stone would probably be an improvement from warden of the wall.

I don't think all of the equipment is good and it looks like the mana curve is a little too high (even with the urza lands). etched champion probably needs 4 copies if you can get them.
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I have done some changes and had a go at adding Black with the intention of adding Infect to the deck. I was wondering what people thought of this version.

You cant really aggro all that well with artifacts without proliferate or phyrexian mana. Both come with inherent problems of their own.

Mixing infect and non infect is generally discouraged. This is why grafted exoskeleton is such a bad card. Pure life gain cads are a bad idea almost all of the time (golems heart is a wasted card).

To use urzatron you need some non basic land seek. scapeshift is one of the best with urzatron but primeval titan crop rotation or expedition map will get the job done. Only one of the choices is non green and if you go that way you need to be able to recover artifats from the yard. On the bright side green makes infect easy.

You can only use one sol ring when playing most people. Using two is just asking for the tolarian tickle.

Darksteel axe is a rather specialized artifact generally only used when you want an indestructible artifact for cheap with a secondary purpose. Trading post is similarly a very special purpose artifact that needs more support to shine. Sands of delerium dos not even belong in a mill deck, have no idea what you want with it.

I THINK what you are looking for is a green/artifact infect deck that goes midrange with power. We could help you do that, finding the something to use the power on is the hard part. Most of the largish infect creatures are a bit under the curve. But it can be done.

You are probably looking for something about like this, (keeping it kinda cheap where it can be)

4 glistener elf
4 blight mamba
4 corpse cur
4 blightsteel colossus

4 black sun's zenith
2 rancor
2 scapeshift
2 Aladdin's Ring
2 expedition map
2 skeleton shard
1 undying evil
1 Argentum Armor
1 Bladed Pinions
1 Trading Post
1 tower of fortunes
1 Sol Ring

4 Golgari Guildgate
4 Golgari Rot Farm
4 gemstone mine
3 Rogue's Passage
3 Urza's Tower
3 Urza's Mine
3 Urza's Power Plant

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