Parallel lives & Seance how do they exactly work?

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I have been playin Magic for a bit now. But recently something came to my attention. Here is the doubt [C]Seance[/C] ability is to exile a creature from my graveyard and put a token that is a copy of that creature, at the next end step I have to exile that token. And [C]Parallel Lives[/C] ability is to double the amount of tokens that an effect would put into the battlefield. Usually I would say that there is no effect that makes me exile the second copy, since it was brought into the battlefield via [C]Parallel Lives[/C], BUT! (and this is my doubt) [C]Parallel Lives[/C] says "If an effect will cause you to put one or more tokens into play, it puts twice that many tokens into the battlefield instead" which means as I see it, that it is actually [C]Seance[/C] the card that's putting the second token and therefore that token will also have to be exiled at the begining of the next and step.

So the question is: Is the copy of the original [C]Seance[/C] Token able to stay in the battlefield? or does it have to be exiled as the original copy would? 

Thank you for your time and attention. 

Seance will produce two tokens that both get exiled at the end step.

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Parallel Lives does not make any tokens. It causes other spells or abilities to put twice as many tokens on the battlefield. With the Lives on the board, the Seance trigger will put two tokens on the battlefield, and both tokens will be exiled at end of turn.

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