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This is my first attempt at an extended deck. I really like playing it so I would like to tune it up enough to do reasonably well in Friday-Night Magic.

Main Deck:
4 x Blade Splicer
3 x Fiend Hunter
4 x Restoration Angel
1 x Deadeye Navigator

4 x Cloudshift
4 x Mental Misstep
4 x Intangible Virtue
4 x Mana Leak
3 x Midnight Haunting
4 x Oblivion Ring
2 x Sleep

4 x Glacial Fortress
4 x Hallowed Fountain
4 x Seachrome Coast
5 x Plains
6 x Island

1 x Fiend Hunter
4 x Mirran Crusader
2 x Thraben Heretic

4 x Negate
4 x Tormod's Crypt

There are a number of questionable things I suppose; the Splicers, the Angels, and the Cloudshifts are sort of the reason for the whole thing but everything else is more or less negotiable. I do like the Hunters, but I could see them migrating toward the sideboard.

I've had some trouble with really fast decks and Zombies as well; better anti-graveyard sideboard cards are definately in order. I'm planning to track down Rest in Peace for this.

I'm planning to add a couple of Sun Titans as they look like good bounce targets as well as legitimate beat sticks. Please break it to me gently if this is a bad idea, I just ordered them. Adding two of Master Splicer is another thought I'm entertaining..

Good advice is certainly appreciated.
This forum looks completely dead, but just in case. . .

Here are the changes I made before playing tonight:

-1 xDeadeye Navigator
-1 x Oblivion Ring
-2 x Sleep

+2 x Venser, the Sojourner
+2 x Phyrexian Metamorph

Vener was suggested by the store owner - super call; the guy's crazy good here. The other thing was my idea and probably won't stay. I did manage to go 3-1 and get a shiny card for my trouble.

Someone suggested adding Delver of Secrets; after some discussion, we came up with these modifications:

-4 x Intangible Virtue
-3 x Midnight Haunting
-2 x Phyrexian Metamorph

+ 4 x Delver of Secrets
+ 2 x Cyclonic Rift
+ 3 x Gitaxian Probe

The Sun Titans will be here soon; I'm still leaning towards working them in as well.
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