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I was wonder which Npc that was in the Baldur's Gate Novels any one can help me?
all but viconia I think
a mask everyone has at least two of, one they wear in public and another they wear in private.....

However they don't play a large role. E.g. Minsk escapes together with the protagonist of the novel, at the very first stop they reach after their esacpe (a tavern) he hires as bouncer and thus exits the novels.

Also these three novels are really, really terrible. BG the Novel is awful, BG2 the novel is even worse and while ToB the novel get's better (compared to the other two) it's still one of the worst FR novels

Dunno, Mirtek was being a bit generous in his praise of the books if you ask me...

"Be careful to choose your enemies well.  Friends don't much matter.  But the choice of enemies is very important."  

- Oscar Wilde

Dunno, Mirtek was being a bit generous in his praise of the books if you ask me...


Phil Athans was probably a reasonable editor but he is an appalling author. His Baldur's Gate novels were some of the worst dreck ever published for FR and his contribution to the War of the Spider Queen series was certainly the worst of those six books by an enormous margin. (I distinctly remember the description of a high-level fighter getting four melee attacks before the wizard had his shot: yes, an adult actually wrote up a D&D combat as if that was how it took place!) 
Cheers Imruphel aka Scrivener of Doom
Well, some NPCs are missing completely from the books. Where's Skie? Eldoth? Viconia? Branwen? Coran?

And the books are indeed awful, the only good thing they did was use lore from outside the games.
I'm not really a fan of the first book, espically Xan's "character" dialogue or death (what, no Moonblade?!) Or how it ends. I did enju the second novel a little better though. I though Imoen's charactef was written a bit better and the plot didn't suck, horribly.

Also, there were some NPCs left out of it too from the game, like Sir Adjantis
Frankly, the characters who appear in the novels are so different from the game's NPCs than they could as well be completely different characters.
I still believe those book are the very worst thing I've ever read, fanfictions by juvenile writers included.
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