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4x Azoris Charm
3x Feeling of Dread
3x Cyclonic Rift

3x Inaction Injunction

1x Oblivion Ring
2x Detention Sphere

4x Knight of Glory
3x Geist of St. Traft
4x Restoration Angel
4x Snapcaster Mage
4x Azoris Arrester
4x Lyev SkyKnight

4x Glacial Fortress
1x Hallowed Fountain
3x Azoris Guild Gate
7x Plains
6x Island

I'm playing guild gates for the time being, since hallowed fountains are a bit expensive at the time being. Any suggestions are welcome!! Thanks everyone!!

Edit:Updated the list and the thought scours are out.
I keep hearing that Inaction Injunction is a trap option.  How is it working out for you?

@mikemearls The office is basically empty this week, which opens up all sorts of possibilities for low shenanigans

@mikemearls In essence, all those arguments I lost are being unlost. Won, if you will. We're doing it MY way, baby.

@biotech66 aren't you the boss anyway? isn't "DO IT OR I FIRE YOU!" still an option?

@mikemearls I think Perkins would throat punch me if I ever tried that. And I'd give him a glowing quarterly review for it.

Inaction Injunction is awesome!! Especially with Snapcaster mage. So much value. I really feel like it's gonna be an all star.
Inaction Injunction is actually awful. Run that Rescue bounce spell instead.

Then cut Thought Scour for the 4th copy of each of your 3-of creatures.
Why do you think Inaction Injuntion is awful? My friends actually suggested I take out Dramatic Rescue and that I keep Inaction Injunction in, so I'm curious as to why you think that.
the main problem with inaction injunction is that it doesnt deal with the threat and only turn it off for a turn. I think that this list needs dungeon geists as i have been working on a similer list and that card is amazing in a deck like this. 
Have you considered Martial Law instead? It would allow you to keep things detained for an extended period of time.
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I like the idea of cutting the thought scour so
-4 Thought scour
+1 Restoration Angel
+1 Lyev skynight
+1 Knight of glory
+1 Azouris Arrester

I don't know about cutting the inaction injuctions though.

And then Dungeon Geists Vs. Martial law if i were to add one which is better?
Whichever one you don't mainboard you should place in the sideboard.


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Why do you think Inaction Injuntion is awful? My friends actually suggested I take out Dramatic Rescue and that I keep Inaction Injunction in, so I'm curious as to why you think that.

Inaction Injunction and Dramatic Rescue basically do the same thing - they remove a blocker/attacker for one turn cycle. Injunction cantrips, which is nice, but Rescue has far more utility - it gets rid of static abilities that are a problem, it lets you save your own guys from removal, it forces the opponent to waste mana actually recasting the creature you hit with it, it permanently kills tokens.
Would it be viable to run Jace, Architect of Thought and/or Tamiyo, The Moon Sage in this deck?

Land: 22
8 Island
9 Plains
4 Hallowed Fountain
4 Glacial Fortress
1 Moorland Haunt

Creeps: 30
4 Champion of the Parish
4 Elite Inquisitor
4 Knight of Glory
4 War Falcon
3 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
3 Silverblade Paladin
3 Lyev Skyknight
3 Geist of Saint Traft
2 Restoration Angel
2 Sublime Archangel

Spells: 7
3 Azorius Charm
2 Feeling of Dread
2 Spectral Flight
2 Detention Sphere

Planeswalker: 1
1 Ajani, Caller of the Pride

This is the list i plan to test next week. Probably its straightforward aggro, but its more or less the same. The only thing i have been struggling with is the War falcon slot, as either Wingcrafter/Azorius Arrester probably fit in there to.

Srry about autocard, but guess you know most of the cards already, was feeling too lazy 

@Kowitz: No on Tamiyo, she's too slow and doesn't really do what you want.

JAOT I could see, but exclusively SB against other Jace decks. His primary use is to either destroy or pre-empt opposing Jaces, while drawing cards for you.

@Gandalf style, I'm not liking how clustered your three drop slot is. You should cut either Geist of Saint Traft or Lyev Skyknight for more spells or more one drops (Judge's Familiar seems good).

Your Restoration Angels don't interact with much value in your deck, I think you're better off just packing 4 Sublimes.
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