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Ok so i recently came back to mtg after about a 5-6 year break and this will be my first attempt at making a deck since i came back. Now i want to say that this is still a work in progress and its nothing big just for some FNM at the local game store before i try to make a tourny ready deck. I made this black and green with the cards i had around and some i have picked up since i came back. The idea is  basic overrun as fast as i can however, it still needs work. 

1x Grave Titan
2x Diregraf Ghoul
2 Cemetery Reaper
2x Gempalm polluter
2x Skirsdag High Priest
2x Unbreathing Horde
1x Highborn Ghoul
2x Walking Corpse
2x Endless Ranks of the dead
2x Parallel Lives
1x Army of the Damned
4x Moan of the Unhallowed
4x Rampant Growth
3x Naturalize
2x MortarPod
2x Tragic Slip
2x Cellar Door  

12 forest
12 swamp    

3x Overrun
2x Doom Blade
3x Distress
2x Undying Evil  

So i know i need to get better lands and i probably should get 4 Gravecrawler and probably need some Birds of Paradise Currently im working on getting them but there a bit pricey for me atm. So i am liking the idea of the deck and there some cool combos to work with  here i mean anything zombie producing combined with Parallel Lives can get out of hand for an opponent quickly. Then sacrificing any of the tokens with mortarpod in combo with Skirsdag High Priest is also cool to have with the effect of parallel lives. Then if i get in a situation where for some reason i cant attack with the tokens i have Gempalm Polluter
  Now i played this deck against a few people at the local store and out of 5 games i played i won 3. they were against a angel deck and a goblin token style deck. In the games i lost it seemed like i just could not pull the right cards from my deck. which is why im really thinking i should put some Diabolic Tutor cards into my deck so that i can find exactly what i need. So let me know what you guys opinions are and let me know if there are things you think i should add/remove from the deck and sideboard and the reasons why Thanks.
I didn't know zombie token decks are a thing, but so far, your deck would be difficult to play even in casual, some duel lands could really help, run 4 diregraf ghoul and 4 gravecrawler, army of the damned is never going to see the light of day unless you had dark ritual or something, mortarpod pointless unless you have undying zombies like geralf's messenger.

if you really want this deck to work, I suggest more creatures and less spells, keep removals, I mean most of your token generators, or even that gempalm zombie, which by the way I suggest you cut, requires existing zombies on the field, it's no good if you have a hand fall of instants and sorcery, and maybe 1 or 2 creatures actually on the field

just adding on, most zombie decks I see are B/U, and run grimgrin, corpse-born, they rely on undying and gravecrawler, very very annoying, first time I faced a deck like that, I wanted to punch my opponent
I see your point on somethings i do agree i need some more creatures and thats why i said i would be adding 4 gravecrawler and probly 4 Birds of Paradise as well as 2 more diregraf's An with cards such as Rampant Growth and the birds of paradise i would be decent mana. I also agree that i need dual mana's. However i would disagree with you on the motarpod pairing it with the effects on Skirsdag High Priest Imo is worth it i mean that combo has saved me a few times now.
Get rid of the Skirsdag Priests, replace with Undead Alchemist

Add Chromatic Lantern if it helps.

(Personal favorite move for me, Flying Zombies
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Get rid of the Skirsdag Priests, replace with Undead Alchemist

Add Chromatic Lantern if it helps.

(Personal favorite move for me, Flying Zombies

Blue makes everything better it seems
Hmm i do like the idea you have there richeyz. i have struggled with the idea of having this deck but blue and black but what to do to tie it together if i got black and blue. again i love the idea of undead alchemist and flying
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