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I've started getting back into playing D&D (been an avid reader of Forgotten Realms since they started printing, just haven't played in ages), and had an Encounters session, but it was with a hastily made character.  I wanted to rebuild it in the D&D Insider Builder (with permission of the DM) and export to i4e to use at the table, but have a small question in the process.

We ended the last session levelling up to 3.  I am playing a Sentinel Druid, pulling my abilities from Heroes of the Fallen Lands and Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms.  At Level 3 in the Builder I have an option to select another power.  The option bar is titles "Level 3 User Edit" but there is no guidance as to which spells I can slot there.

I was hoping someone could sort me out on my options.  Can I slot any Minor, Standard/At Will, Daily or Encounter powers available to me there?  And at level 3, are those limited to 0-3 spells, or 0-2?  The slot I'm talking about is the orange bar in the pic, currently filled with Cure Light Wounds.

Thanks!  I know the answer is probably very simple, but I don't have a PHB yet and my searches keep pointing me in the wrong direction

 "User Edit" means you accidentally clicked the option to add a new power that you don't normally get...  The character builder allows you to add in homebrewed content or make additions to the character, such as when some DMs give the players a free feat or extra powers. Adding in that power makes it an illegal character, which is why the slot is orange instead of green like the rest of them.
When you click on that power and the selection window comes up, there should be an option to remove it.

The character builder is a useful tool, but whenever there's a discrepancy between the builder and the books, always go by what the books say - the table in the class writeup tells you what powers you gain at each level. At level 3 a sentinel druid gains another use of the Combined Attack power.


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Aww, I see.  Thanks for the reply, that clears up a lot.  I must have hit it accidentally, I kept going back trying to figure out what it wanted me to slot there.
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