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I haven't realy got the chance to play modern.i was woundering if any thinks goblins could be good enough.this is the list I have so far.
aether vialx4
goblin guidex4
warren instigatorx4
krenkos commandx4
bogart ram-gangx4
goblin cheiftenx4
krenko,mob bossx2
seige-gang commanderx2
goblin guidex4
lighting boltx4
koth,of the hammerx2
And 22 lands.not sure exactly what utility lands I want to use.any body think this would be good enough?
As far as the archetype goes, I'm not sure if Goblins would actually be good.  The strength of Legacy Goblins is the Goblin Matron tutoring and Goblin Ringleader's card advantage.  Plus, it also has Goblin Lackey to act as another way to cheat goblins into play, plus Rishadan Port and Wasteland to tempo the opponent out of the game.

This particular build is not very good.  Koth and Bolt are flat out terrible.  Krenko's Command is really bad too (you want an actual Goblin).  You've got Goblin Guide listed twice.

I'd look to add in Mogg War Marshal, Goblin King, Stingscourger, and possibly some of the other color goblins like Wort, Boggart Auntie.  If you absolutely must play spells, Goblin Grenade and Warren Weirding would be the only ones I'd consider, though Weirding would require fetch lands and Blood Crypts.
What about a mass token with empty the warens and your 2 mob bosses  then
wincon into Patron of the Akki clickslither
could this be a viable tatic? you could be swinging with some powered up golbins pretty fast

also as a derp a while ago I made a green red deck that used empty the warens getting like 8 tokens then used hit/run in casual with my friends. It was pretty weak because it needed so many cards to get the combo to work but it killed fast when it did.
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