How to survive a wrath of god?

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I just recently bought 4 of the card Cauldron Haze for use in my sliver deck in order to survive a Wrath of God. I rather like the concept of my opponent killing off his own creatures while mine live. However, I was wondering if there were any better alternatives for surviving a board sweep. Preferably a card with low converted mana cost like Cauldron Haze.
My Sliver and Thallid decks both use blue to stop board wipes. It's called counter-magic, it works.

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For a Sliver deck, consider Hibernation Sliver, Frenetic Sliver and/or Pulmonic Sliver to survive enemy Wraths.  If you want to be cool and wrath the board yourself while sparing your slivers, Ghostflame Sliver + All is Dust is fun.

Of course, you could use the spells that everyone is suggesting, but I prefer to solve problems in a Sliver deck with "Moar Slivers"

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Or, of course, as is usually the case in my playgroup...
1) Acidic Sliver.
2) Nine other slivers.
3) Heartstone.
4) floating.
5) An itchy mana-tapping finger.

That usually stops board wipes for sliver players...
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Fecundity helps you recover from board wipes in a fast manner.

Still, countermagic is most efficient.

I guess with Slivers, you could run Necrotic Sliver, then kill your opponent's land as a parting shot.

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