Naya Aggro (R/F for R/F)

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Creatures (28)
4x Avacyn's Pilgrim
3x Elvish Visionary
4x Loxodon Smiter
3x Centuar Healer
4x Restoration Angel
4x Huntmaster of the Fells
2x Deadbridge Goliath
4x Thragtusk

Instants (3)
3x Selesnya Charm

Sorcery (2)
2x Bonfire of the Damned

Enchantments (3)
3x Oblivion Ring  

Land (24)
6x Forest
3x Plains 
1x Mountain 
4x Sunpetal Grove
1x Temple Garden
3x Rootbound Craig
2x Clifftop Retreat
1x Evovling Wilds
2x Gavony Township
1x Kessig Wolf Run

I will replace 2 Forests and a Plains with Temple Gardens as I get them. 

Side Board
3x Dryad Militant 
2x Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
2x Sundering Growth
1x Oblivion Ring 
2x Grafdigger's Cage 
2x Daybreak Ranger
2x Rootborn Defenses 
1x Zealous Conscripts

Call of the Conclave
Strangleroot Giest 
Sigarda, Host of Herons
Giest-Honored Monk 
Mizzium Mortars 
Angel of Serenity 

If you want feedback on your deck, leave a link in your response. I will take a look when I have a moment and try to give you advice on your deck.